16 Uses For Aluminum Foil

June 20th, 2017

Aluminum foil is great for wrapping up foods and keeping them fresh. Don’t have a cooking tray? You can make a temporary one out of some aluminum foil to cook your food on.

There are also tons of other ways clever way to use aluminum foil around your home that will make your life easier.

Here are the best aluminum foil hacks from around the internet that you’ve probably never heard of.

1) Seal Plastic Bag

If you want to re-seal a plastic bag of chips or something like that, you can place a piece of foil on either side of the area you want to seal. Run an iron over the foil to seal the bag.

2) Protect Fruit Trees

You can keep your fruit trees safe from hungry animals like birds or squirrels by hanging strips of foil from your trees. The shine will scare them off.

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How to Stop Squirrels Source: How to Stop Squirrels

3) Keep Pie Crust From Burning

You can protect the edges of your pie’s crust from getting burned in the oven by placing aluminum foil over the pie crust edges before you bake.

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Good Life Farm Source: Good Life Farm

4) Line Cabinets and Drawers

If you have cabinets or drawers that get particularly dirty often, you may want to consider lining them with aluminum foil. When they get dirty you can just toss it out. It’s a better alternative to contact paper, which is a more permanent solution.

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Clutter Free Kitchens Source: Clutter Free Kitchens

5) Keep Celery Fresh

Your celery will last up to four weeks if you wrap it in some aluminum foil.

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Instructables Source: Instructables

6) Remove Tarnish From Silver

Boil six cups of water and put aside to cool while you assemble the rest of this silver cleaner recipe. Line your sink or deep bowl with some aluminum foil, shiny side up. Drop 6 tbsp. each of baking soda and salt on top of your aluminum foil. Slowly pour in about three cups of white vinegar.

Pour in your boiling water and place your silver on top of the foil. Fold the foil up around your silver and use it to scrub away your tarnish. Let it soak for two minutes in the solution and it should come out looking brand new.

Another method for brightening up your silver is the drop method. If you have a piece of jewelry you can wrap it in tin foil and drop it in a bowl or jar of water with a few tablespoons of salt and leave it in overnight. It will come out shiny and new in the morning

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Green Idea Reviews Source: Green Idea Reviews

7) Speed Ripening

Place foil on the ends of your bananas to help them ripen faster.

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YouTube Screenshot Source: YouTube Screenshot

8) Get Rid of Food Grease

Dumping grease down your drain is a big no-no! But dumping it directly into the garbage while still hot doesn’t seem like the best idea either. A great solution is to line a bowl with some foil and pour your grease in. Once it hardens you can pull the foil out and toss it in the trash.

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Pintester Source: Pintester

9) Paint Protection

Aluminum foil can keep your door knobs and locks clean while you paint.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

10) Keep Your Oven Clean

Why spend time scrubbing your oven. Just add a sheet of foil to the bottom of it to catch any fallen food. When it gets gross, just remove and replace.

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DIY Projects Source: DIY Projects

11) Dry Wet Bread

If you have bread that somehow got wet you can wrap it in tin foil and throw it in the oven for 3 minutes. This should dry it back up without toasting it.

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Veg Recipes of India Source: Veg Recipes of India

12) Faux Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored or silver leaf furniture looks absolutely beautiful but new furniture will cost you. You can fake this look and refurbish your old furniture with some aluminum foil and it will come out looking just as beautiful for a fraction of the cost.

Get the tutorial on how to make the dresser below here. It was made for only $7!

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Design Fluff Source: Design Fluff

13) Wrong Battery Fix

If you have a battery that is too small for your device you can add a piece of aluminum foil between the battery and coil to connect the current.

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Wonder How To Source: Wonder How To

14) Curling Iron Alternative

If you don’t have a curling iron but do have a flat iron, you can create curls by wrapping the curls in foil and running over it with a flat iron.

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Wikihow Source: Wikihow

15) Eliminate Static in the Dryer

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The Creek Line House Source: The Creek Line House

Toss a ball of aluminum foil into the dryer to prevent your clothes from getting all static-y. It’s really as easy as that!

16) Soggy Pizza Fix

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Steamy Kitchen Source: Steamy Kitchen

Has your pizza gone soggy? Place your slice in a frying pan and cover the pan with some foil in the shape of a dome. Cook your slice on medium for a few minutes and the sogginess will turn into a delicious crisp crust.

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