Adorable Rabbit Left At A Shelter For Being Too Loving

January 25th, 2019

In general, rabbits are gentle animals, but they are not known to be overly affectionate. They can be, but there are so many personality traits that rabbits can have.

Sometimes, rabbits will groom other rabbits, but they don’t usually show affection for humans.

However, that isn’t always the case. Ryann Sadler found this out when she happened to be volunteering at the SPCA of Texas animal shelter, and two new rabbits were brought in.

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New Bunnies

Sadler had been volunteering at the shelter for a while and had a rabbit, Pepper, of her own at home. She immediately fell in love with the two rabbits that arrived at the shelter.

This pair of rabbits, one male and one female, were tiny and very young. Anyone who has seen baby bunnies before can understand why Sadler thought they were so cute!

They looked to be about five months old, but the pair were smaller than they should have been for their age.

They were in terrible shape, from their overgrown nails to their tiny size. Somebody had not been taking care of these two.

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Rabbit Rehabilitation

Quickly, Sadler was ready to help! She cradled the male rabbit and trimmed his nails.

Her focus was on getting this one healthy and taking good care of him. She wasn’t intending on keeping him because she already had a rabbit at her home.

It seems like this rabbit had a different idea in mind. He wanted to win Sadler over so he could be adopted.

Before she could get started on trimming his overgrown nails, the little bunny decided to start giving her kisses. He gave bunny kisses to Sadler all over her hands, showing his affection for the shelter worker.

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A Different Personality

Sadler was amazed by the behavior. Her own Rabbit, Pepper, had never acted like that. She couldn’t believe just how friendly and affectionate this little bunny was.

Before this experience, she had never seen a bunny be so sweet and loving. She didn’t really know that rabbits could be like this.

From this moment, Sadler realized that she needed to give this rabbit a home. How could she leave such a sweet bunny behind?

Sadler was also wondering how this baby rabbit could have gotten left behind when he was so affectionate. He was the snuggliest rabbit she had ever met.

Often, people’s reasons for surrendering animals include them being mean or aggressive. In no way was this little guy aggressive. He was just loving and wanted to be loved in return!

Without any additional thought, Sadler was ready to adopt him. She decided to call him Peter.

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Peter Rabbit

Her family created the perfect home for Peter! Because they already had a rabbit, they knew exactly what care would be needed.

He loves cuddling up with his new humans and giving them lots of kisses. Of course, he also likes playing and running around.

He’s warmed up quickly to the Sadler’s Yorkshire Terrier and their first rabbit, Pepper. Pepper isn’t quite as loving as Peter is, though. Pepper still isn’t totally sure about Peter, but they can be in the same space without any issues.

There is no doubt that Sadler and her family are spoiling Peter and giving him the loving home that he deserves!

The good news is that Peter’s sister also got adopted. Another family picked her up shortly after Peter was adopted, so she was able to receive everything she needed to live a happy, hopping, and healthy life as well.

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