Dogs Dyed Pink Rescued From Forest

July 15th, 2017

There’s a debate running between animal activists and groomers who argue over whether not dying your dog’s hair is safe.

Some say that dogs should be allowed to be dogs and not use to placate someone’s ego or fashion sense. While others say the act is harmless and that some dogs even like to pampered and styled.

While that argument is still up for debate, the reality is that some of these dyed dogs are used to make money and end up neglected and abandoned.

A dog was abandoned in the streets of Russia last year and found sickly and vomiting because of its pink dye job. Just last month two fluffy Samoyed puppies were left for dead in the forest after their owner abused then dumped them.

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Thankfully, they were found and given to an animal rights activist who has opened up her loving home to them.

The dogs were used as models and their previous owner would charge tourists to take photos with them.

Eventually, the dogs grew too large so the owner abandoned them without food or water. Not only were they covered by fleas and ticks when they were found, but they were shot at point blank range with an air pistol, according to The Sun. One of them still has a bullet stuck inside of them.

One of them still has a bullet stuck inside of them.

Source: Anna Ledovskikh

Their former owner Mark Protsenko showed no remorse for his actions.

“Animals are meant to be eaten and to serve as material for coats, shoes and gloves,” he said. “Every day when you sit at your table you consume an animal. The same goes for pills that are animal-tested.”

He now has several other dogs that he paints and exploits for money.

“This couple… now walk around with new puppies— pink, blue and a lion colored adult Samoyed,” an animal rights group said, according to The Sun. “Last week they were seen almost every day in Novorossiysk, and recently they were in Gelendzhik. Residents and tourists— please do not support this business and complain whenever you seek them.”

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The two pink puppies now live with a woman named Margarita.

“A woman from Moscow called and asked me if I can keep the dogs that were in trouble for some time,” Margarita explains to Ruptly. “These dogs worked on the embankment as models, that is, they were photographed with them. And when they became useless, grew up and became not so interesting, they were simply thrown out.”

And as you can see below they are much much happier now in their new home.

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Source: RT