50 Essential Makeup Tips For Every Face

July 16th, 2019

With all the advanced beauty techniques and tutorials out there, it’s hard to not be intimidated. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed, scrolling through all of the advanced make-up looks that you could never pull off. But – you’re not alone. We’re here to break down the 50 essential tips that everyone, from makeup novice to makeup expert, needs in their arsenal. Check out the whole list to help up your makeup game.

1. Know Your Skin Type

Before we can even cover makeup, it’s important that you know how to care for your skin. One big aspect of skin care is knowing what type of skin you have – oily, dry or combination.

2. Apply Moisturizer to Damp Skin

Instead of totally drying your face before you apply moisturizer, try applying it while your skin is still damp. This will help lock in hydration and keep you looking fresh all day.

3. Pick the Right Primer

First, with any foundation, using a primer underneath can make the overall appearance of foundation significantly better. Make sure you pick a primer that compliments your skin type and blends easily with your foundation.

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4. Use a Color-Correcting Primer to Fight Redness & Dark Circles

Just a little hint of green or red under your foundation can dramatically improve the overall tone of your skin, giving you an even, smoother complexion.

5. Try a Pore-Filling Primer on Your Nose

If you have noticeable pores on your nose or other areas of your face, try getting a pore-filling primer for those problem areas. This will help smooth out any texture and give you an airbrushed look.

6. Pick a Moisturizer with SPF

Although we all like a summer glow, it’s still important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Try picking a moisturizer with some SPF protection to put under your foundation.

7. Color Match Your Foundation

Ever notice someone whose face and neck are two different colors? They most likely haven’t properly matched their foundation to their skin tone.

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8. Beware of the Oxidized Mismatch

Maybe you picked a color of foundation that, in the bottle, looks like the perfect shade. However, some foundations will change color slightly once they have dried – this is called “oxidation”. Be sure to swatch a little on your arm and let it fully dry to know the true color of the foundation.

9. Know Your Undertones

We hear beauty gurus talk about “undertones” – but what does this actually mean? Undertones are the colors underneath the surface of your skin, either Warm, Cool or Neutral. The inner veins of your wrist can tell you your undertone, whether they’re blue, green or somewhere in between.

10. Pick the Right Application Tool

If you’re looking for sheer coverage, try applying foundation with your fingertips in a blotting motion. If you want fuller coverage, try using a brush or a beauty blender.

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11. Dampen Your Beauty Sponge

Make sure to dampen your beauty sponge fully until it swells. Dry it off by giving it a good squeeze and a gentle press with a dry towel. This will help the beauty sponge absorb less of your makeup at a time and saving you money.

12. Spritz Your Beauty Sponge or Brush

Giving a light misting to your blender or brush with either a priming or setting spray can help give you a smoother, dewy finish when applying your foundation. It can also help blend out concealer and contour.

13. Concealer Triangle Method

When applying concealer under the eyes, most people apply it in a small triangle to help brighten and give you a glow. Be sure to use a shade just slightly lighter than your skin tone to give you an extra brightening effect.

14. Use Translucent Powder to “Set” Your Look

In most drug stores, you can find affordable translucent powder – meaning that it has no color. Use this powder to help set your makeup for a long-lasting look.

15. Try a Fluffy Brush for Powder

This will help spread the powder evenly and avoid patchiness.

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16. Avoid Powder on Your Dry Zones

If you have dry spots on your face, applying powder will exacerbate the appearance of dry skin. Try only applying power in the areas you need it and dab on just a touch of moisturizer to your dry spots.

17. Try Using a Matte Blush With Textured Skin

Most shimmery blushes will draw attention to any textured skin, whether it’s pimples, pores or wrinkles. Use a creamy or a matte blush to give you a softer glow without all the fuss of textured skin.

18. Blend Out the Edges of Your Foundation

Once you’ve applied your foundation, be sure to blend out the edges on your neck and jawline for a more cohesive look.

19. Tame Your Brows with A Spoolie

Spoolies are a cheap way to tame your unruly brows. Try spritzing a light-hold hairspray on a spoolie and gently brush your eyebrows into place.

20. Fill In Your Brows with Eyeshadow

For a more natural look, try lightly filling in your brows with a brown eyeshadow.

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21. Highlight Your Brow Bone

Using a small brush, dab a little highlighter on your brow bone just under your eyebrow to help give yourself a lifted look.

22. Use Concealer to Make Your Eyeshadow Pop

Try laying down a base of concealer on your eyelid to help get that colorful payoff with your eyeshadow.

23. Invest In An Eyeshadow Primer

I know it sounds crazy, having a different primer for your eyes, but this can help dramatically increase the wear-time of your eyeshadows and keep them from creasing on your lid.

24. Scotch Tape Hack for Perfect Eyeliner

Lay down a little piece of scotch tape next to your eye to get the perfect, mess-free winged eyeliner.

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25. Set Your Eyeliner With Shadow

To get a smudge-free, long-lasting look, try using black eyeshadow on top of your liquid eyeliner.

26. Easy Smokey Eye

Line your eyes with a pencil liner, and blend it out with a small brush. You’ve got yourself a quick, no hassle smokey eye.

27. Revive Dried-Out Mascara

If your mascara has gotten dried and clumpy, try adding a couple of eye-drops to your mascara. This will help revive the formula while still keeping it safe for your eyes.

28. Mist Eyeshadow Brushes for Shimmery Shades

If you want your metallic or glittery shades to really stand out on your lids, try spraying some setting spray on a flat brush. Gently tap the pigment onto your lids – the difference will amaze you.

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29. Foundation For Your Lips

Apply foundation over your lips to get a good base for your lipstick. This foundation will help lock in your color for a longer lipstick look.

30. “X” Marks the Spot

To get the perfect cupid’s bow on your lips, draw a small “X” on the center of your upper lip. Use the lines to help define and guide the shape of your upper lip.

31. Life-Saving Sugar Scrubs

Try using a sugar scrub on your lips before applying lipstick, especially matte formulas, to avoid any dryness or patchiness.

32. A Rule of Thumb

Afraid of getting that embarrassing smudge of lipstick on your teeth? After you apply your lipstick, put your thumb in your mouth, and pucker. This will pick up any extra lipstick that might transfer to your pearly whites.

33. Easy Application

If you struggle to use the doe-foot applicator that most liquid lipsticks come with, try using a smaller brush of your own.

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34. Finish With Setting Spray

To get an extra long-lasting look, make sure to lightly mist your face with a setting spray. Be careful of misting too much, as it might make your makeup run.

35. False Lashes Hack

If you’re a beginner with false eyelashes, or if you just don’t want to spend the money on pricey lashes, try using a spoolie to fluff out your fake lashes before you put them on. This will give them a more natural look.

36. DIY Tinted Moisturizer

Create your own custom tinted moisturizer at home by simply combining your favorite moisturizer with your foundation. Voila! You’ve got yourself a quick and easy tinted moisturizer.

37. Remove Your Makeup Fully

Splashing water on your face before bed is not enough. Try investing in micellar water or a makeup remover to really get your face clean.

38. Soak Off Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara can be both your best friend and also your worst enemy. Instead of scrubbing your eye, try wetting a cotton pad thoroughly with makeup removing liquid and gentle press it to your eye for a moment. No scrubbing needed.

39. Coconut Oil Hack

If you’re fresh out of makeup remover, try using a small amount if coconut oil to remove your makeup.

40. Clean Your Brushes & Blenders Regularly

I know, it’s such a hassle to clean your makeup brushes and blenders, but find the time. Cleaning your brushes will keep unwanted bacteria off your face and out of your products. Trust me, it’s a must.

41. Rubbing Alcohol Repair

Dropped your favorite blush? Before you go buy a new one, try putting the pieces back into the container and add some rubbing alcohol. Keep it in place until it’s dry – like magic, your blush is whole again!

42. Know The Expiration Date

Did you know that makeup expires? Always be sure to check the expiration date on your makeup.

43. Don’t Share Your Makeup

Although we think that “sharing is caring”, in the case of makeup it is definitely not. Sharing makeup with other people can transfer harmful bacteria and spread infection.

44. Warm Up Those Curlers

Warming up your lash curler can give you some dramatic results. Carefully use a hairdryer to warm up your curler. Make sure it’s not too hot for your eyes before you use it.

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45. Try White Eyeliner for A New Look

White liquid eyeliner has been all over the internet lately and definitely having its moment. Try shaking up your look with white liquid eyeliner.

46. Blotting Paper to the Rescue

If you get oily throughout the date, keep some blotting paper handy to absorb that extra oil. In a pinch, tissue paper can work perfectly.

47. Puffiness – Roll Out!

Battling puffiness in your eyes and cheeks can be tough. Try using a face roller to massage out those puffy bags. For extra puffy-fighting power, put your roller in the fridge for a couple of minutes.

48. Exfoliate Regularly and Safely

Exfoliating removes dead skins cells and promotes a healthier, glowing complexion. Make sure that you don’t use something too abrasive as you might cause damage to your skin.

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49. Don’t Forget Your Neck

When doing your nightly skin routine, you may have a tendency to neglect your neck. Moisturizing your neck can help keep your skin youthful and healthy for years to come.

50. Give Your Skin A Break

While it’s fun to wear makeup and get all gussied up, don’t forget that your skin needs a little break every now and again. Don’t be afraid to take a day off and let your skin breathe.

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