3 Men rescue an American Bald Eagle on Veteran’s Day after bloody battle in the Heartland

November 16th, 2020

Bald eagles have represented the resilience and bravery of America for over 200 years.

Their stature can range from 34 to 43in., can weigh 6.5 to 14 pounds, and have a wingspan of 6 to 8 feet. They typically dwell in forested areas that are next to large bodies of water without much urban congestion.

Bald eagles also feed on birds, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates such as crabs, and mammals including rabbits and muskrats.

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Pen Waggener Source: Pen Waggener

You would think being an aviary alpha like the bald eagle would mean smooth sailing in the skies free from any looming threats. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for one eagle who encountered a pretty rough scenario when discovered by a group of deer hunters.

A news report from Tiptonville, Tennessee occurred on Veteran’s Day when a Reelfoot State Park Ranger rescued a scuffed up bald eagle with the aid of two fellow deer hunters, Terry Brown and Ronnie Lanier.

One of the hunters saw that two bald eagles were getting into an altercation that resulted in violence.

When they saw that things got intense, they immediately decided to notify Ranger Douglas for assistance.

The hunters helped locate the eagle and bring it to safety. They posted the following message on social media:

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Reelfoot Lake State Park Source: Reelfoot Lake State Park

“Veterans Day rescue of injured bald eagle.

Story: Deer Hunter noticed two eagles fighting in the woods about a mile in the WMA near little ronaldson. Ranger Douglas was notified by the hunter of approximate location, and reached the location with assistance from Mr Terry Brown and Duck Hunter Ronnie Lanier. The adult bald eagle was exhausted and would have probably would not have survived without the help of the two hunters. The bird was caught by Ranger Warren Douglas, and carried by to the truck with the two hunters assisting. The Bird was immediately taken to the vet for examination by seasonal interpretive ranger Olivia Nafieh.

The vet determined that injuries were minor consisting of scrapes and scratches from the territorial dispute it had with the other bald eagle and should survive.

Thanks to all who helped care for this bird!

Further updates in coming days/weeks as we will let everyone know if and when we can return this beautiful bird to the wild!!!

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Reelfoot Lake State Park Source: Reelfoot Lake State Park

The hunters and ranger took the eagle to a nearby vet to give him the necessary medicine and aid needed for recovery.

After the checkup, the vet stated that the injuries sustained were minor scrapes and scratches from what seemed to be a territorial dispute with another bald eagle.

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Andy Morffew Source: Andy Morffew

Bald eagles are very territorial, especially during seasons of nesting and breeding.

They are capable of harassing birds like Ospreys and other eagles that attempt to steal their food and threaten their domain. This is especially true during the breeding season where you can see bald eagles defending their territories from a variety of intruders like raptors, ravens, coyotes, and foxes.

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Reelfoot Lake State Park Source: Reelfoot Lake State Park

You can see in this picture that the eagle was extremely roughed up to the point of being bloody.

It was a good thing these good folk showed up on time to make a difference! All signs point to a speedy recovery and it seems the eagle should in fact survive.

The circle of life is riddled with challenges to overcome at every corner. For this eagle, he braved through a near-death experience with an adversary who could have put him out of commission.

Luckily for him, hope comes in mysterious ways and he was fortunately given a second breath of life. Let’s hope he’ll soar back into shape in no time.

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