Uses For Pantyhose

June 26th, 2017

While most of us like to go bare legged in the summer, pantyhose are great for keeping our legs warm in the winter and giving us a smooth silhouette.

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Pantyhose, however, run and tear easily so it’s likely that you’ll be tossing out a few pairs each year.

You may want to hold onto those pairs instead of throwing them out as there are many household uses for pantyhose.

You can make repairs, clean, and secure lots of things around your home with pantyhose. These 15 pantyhose hacks can help you save time and money, while also helping to keep your household orderly.

Clean a Brush

Pull a piece of pantyhose over the head of your brush and press it below the bristles. When you pull the pantyhose off the hair should come up with it. You can leave a fresh piece of hose on your brush and just pull it off when your brush get filled with hair again.

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Find Tiny Lost Pieces

Place a piece of pantyhose over the end of your vacuum’s hose and secure it with a rubber band. Use the hose to go over the area where you may have lost your tiny item. Keep vacuuming until the item gets caught in your pantyhose filter.

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Food Strainer

You, of course, need a new or clean pair of hose for this one. You can use pantyhose in place of cheese cloth. Or you can unravel a hanger and shape one end of it into a circular piece.

Cut off the foot piece of your house and put in the through the circle and stretch the open end over the circle. Use tape or even sew the open part over onto to itself to keep it secure.

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Patch a Screen

Glue a piece of pantyhose over your door or window screen as a quick repair.

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Prevent a Spray Bottle From Clogging

Place a piece of stocking over the end of your spray bottle tube. Secure it with a rubber band and place it into the bottle. This will prevent sediment from clogging the spray bottle tubing.

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Prevent Mosquito Bites

You can wear pantyhose over your legs and cut pieces to put over your arms when you are outdoors to prevent bug bites.

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Wrap It Up

You can use the waistband of pantyhose to keep a blanket secure and folded or use your hose in place of a string to keep boxes closed or to bind newspapers and magazines together. You can also use pieces of pantyhose to secure vegetables to sticks in your garden.

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Shoe Shine Cloth

Use a pair of pantyhose to buff and shine your shoes.

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Potpourri or Mothball Sachet

Cut the foot of a piece of pantyhose off and fill it with either potpourri or mothballs and tie off the end.

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Keep Garden Fruits and Veggies Safe

You can place a piece of pantyhose around the pumpkins, melons, and squash that are growing in your garden to protect them and other items from being eaten by animals.

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If your pillow or teddy bear needs some more stuffing you can use pantyhose as filler.

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Draft Blocker

Pour kitty litter into a pantyhose leg and tie of the end it. Place it at the bottom of a door to prevent a draft.

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Pantyhose are perfect for dusting furniture and things around the house. Just place the food part over your hand and wipe your furniture down.

You can also wrap a pair of pantyhose around the end of a yardstick or coat hanger and use it to dust underneath the fridge or other tricky spots.

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Bungee Cord

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Cut a piece of pantyhose from the ankle to the top of the thigh and tie an “S” hook to each end. Use this as a bungee cord.

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