10+ cats that are completely clueless about personal space
Personal space? What's that?
Luis Gaskell

Any cat person reading this doesn’t really need to be told this. Cats are clingy, cats are independent, and they also don’t get what personal space is. Cats are practically liquid, and you can bet they’ll make themselves fit into any spot that they want.

The result is hair everywhere, stuff getting knocked over, some scratch marks here and there, and very little respect for privacy. But our feline companions have so much charm to them that it’s hard to stop loving them, even with those things in mind. So here’s 12 such cats that need privacy explained to them.

1. You’re my island now, human.

The first day I got my kitten, I took a bath, she somehow managed to hop the tub and take a snooze on my shoulder. Months later she still likes to snooze in the tub… Can’t get a moment alone… and I thought cats hated water from cats

Remember when I said cats will make themselves fit in any spot they want? In case you thought that was a bit of an exaggeration, here’s exhibit A for you. The one substance that cats will not set foot in, and this kitty still found a way around it.

2. Who needs towels when you have me?

Professional Shower supervisor from cats

Having emotional support when you’re showering is always great, just don’t use them as a towel. At least the cat won’t complain about your singing. Just let them hang out a few feet from you and they’ll be content. I just hope that desk mirror doesn’t get knocked over.

3. This image has an unspeakably powerful aura.

Laser cat from catsinpants

The sheer number of things going on in this photo is a sight to behold on its own. The guy’s expression, the cats in his underwear, and the glowing eyes. It’s equal parts cute, funny, uncomfortable and also a little bit threatening.

4. Go ahead, I’ll be right here.

My cat always sits like this when I’m in the shower from aww

Do any of you remember that lyric from “Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell and MJ, where he says “When I’m in the shower, I’m afraid to wash my hair, because I might open my eyes and find someone standing there”? What an incredibly relatable lyric, and it’s worse when it comes to fruition.

5. None of your business, that’s what.

Human, what are you doing in that bathroom? from aww

This photo has that same aura as “Here’s Johnny!”, and it’s not the slightest bit surprising that a cat, of all animals, managed to recreate it. I wonder if this is payback for all the times the owner watched their cats poop, and this one wanted to return the favor so they’d know what it’s like.

6. “You okay?”

Both my fur babies were worried about me being in the bath. The cat was meowing and the dog was crying from aww

I’m sure someone would appreciate your pets being concerned for you like this, but it’d be pretty awkward if they kept doing this for false alarms. Hey, if something does happen to you in the bathroom, at least you can rely on your pets to do…something. Maybe train them how to call for help, just in case.

7. “Where’s your tail?”

Posted by Imgur onFriday, December 29, 2017

He may not be able to hop in with you, but he’s sure as ever going to watch. As cats do. I hope none of his hair gets in the drain. That’d be an even bigger annoyance.

8. The whole squad is here.

‘Sup. from aww

Knowing you’re not alone is usually uplifting, but obviously contextual. For example, I’m not sure if toilet break is the time to remind me. Plus, cats absolutely do not tolerate people watching them poop, so there’s some hypocrisy at play here.

9. Can you not?

I’ll just chill here. from aww

“Oh, those are your jeans pulled down, you say? Too bad. They’re a hammock for me now.” They’ve got a thing for timing too – it always seems to be when people are pooping that they decide to barge in. If only we knew why.

10. Occupied, but not for pooping.

“Did you need to use this toilet? Sorry. This is our chill spot now. Just go poop in that box with the soil that you always make us use.”

11. It’s a miracle.

My cat likes to take baths with me. from aww

There are several fundamental rules to cats. They will scratch on anything they can, they will sit on your lap whenever they want, they wouldn’t touch water with a ten foot pole, and they are clingy. It seems like there’s an order of priority for those fundamentals, as this image shows.

12. Go ahead, I’ll be right here.

The abyss staring back from funny

“I stared into the darkness, and the darkness stared back. It was my cat watching me poop, his fur all black.” See, this is why you lock the door when you’re on the toilet.

I hope you were reading this with your cat, because they really need privacy spelled out for them. Did this list peak your interest? Then visit these Subreddits when you have the time, and give this article a good share too!

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By Luis Gaskell
Luis Gaskell is a contributor at SBLY Media.