Woman Has Perfect Reply To Jiffy Lube Employee Who Texted Her Inappropriately

February 13th, 2019

There are plenty of reasons that employees shouldn’t go snooping through company files for a woman’s personal information so he can hit on her, but there are probably none that will sink in as much as this savage shut down of a Jiffy Lube employee by a witty customer.

That certainly seems to be how Twitter user @LovableAndKind seems to feel, as she uploaded images of the entire exchange between her sister and said employee on the popular social media site.

Women have been saying “No” to unwanted attention for years to no real avail. So, to get the point across this woman’s sister called out the guy’s actions for what they were, and dropped the mic pretty hard in the process.

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Twitter/LovableAndKind Source: Twitter/LovableAndKind

When this woman left Jiffy Lub after receiving an oil change, she got a mysteriously creepy text simply stating that she was “gorgeous”.

When she asked who she was talking to only to get the cocky reply of “Your favorite oil change guy” (we threw up a little, too), she knew she had to set a few things straight.

This woman easily could have hung up and called his manager or the HR department, but she wasn’t going to back down from teaching the arrogant texter a valuable lesson first.

Instead, she started in with her savage shut down.

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Twitter/LovableAndKind Source: Twitter/LovableAndKind

Not totally heartless, she starts her “teachable moment” off by letting the guy know that she understood he may have only been trying to compliment her. Nonetheless, he needed to know just what he was doing and why it was so inappropriate.

Kudos to her for beginning the conversation in a way that encouraged this Don Juan to keep on reading, because he really needed to hear what came next.

Without pause, she rolls right into the details of how insanely wrong it was for him to reach out to her the way he did, beginning with:

“I am a customer, you are a service provider, and there should be no communication between us outside of that”

No side-stepping here, this self-posessed woman was getting straight to it.

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Twitter/LovableAndKind Source: Twitter/LovableAndKind

Seriously?! The creeper even knew that she was already a married woman, and still proceeded to look her info up in the company profile to take a crack at her!

This lady wasn’t about to let him act as though he didn’t understand what he was doing when he reached out, and let him know that he should have assumed she wouldn’t want anything to do with him.

Not letting up and iota, she continued to call him out for his gross abuse of his position within the company.

She points out the feeling a woman really gets when she receives an unsolicited text from a man trying to hit on her, which is nowhere near flattered.

“When you contacted me, I felt a little panicked because you went back in my file and got my number…”

Then she really started driving her point home when she let him know just why his attempt to hit on her was so incredibly creepy.

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Twitter/LovableAndKind Source: Twitter/LovableAndKind

Indeed, this not-so-bright Jiffy Lube employee really didn’t seem to think of the possible ramifications of his unwanted attentions, or how it would leave the woman with few options, none of which made her feel happy.

Why should she have to end her relationship with her preferred oil servicer just to avoid contact with some weirdo who creeped all over her without her permission?

She shouldn’t and no woman ever should, which brought her to her next point.

After making sure that the myriad reasons of why an employee should never reach out to a customer in an unsolicited fashion were thoroughly understood by the creepy oil change guy, she ended the exchange with a comment that really slammed it home!

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Twitter/LovableAndKind Source: Twitter/LovableAndKind

Talk about hitting a guy where it hurts! This fiercely articulate woman gets all the snaps for speaking the truth in a way that made it stick. This guy won’t be likely to text another woman without her permission again, and she didn’t even have to call him in or get him in trouble for it.

Her sister, on the other hand, couldn’t help but post the exchange as an example for all to see, and for that we truly thank her!

Source: Twitter