Disabled woman scams scammer after “selling” her a PS5 that never came and screws his life up

April 20th, 2021

Hustle and Stole

The internet has brought us closer together than ever before while simultaneously breaking our humanity apart. It’s a gateway into infinite resources about any given subject while also being subjugated to manipulation by people in their quest for money.

Take Ebay or Craigslist as examples of websites where people can easily be lured into a scam with the use of fake pictures, contact information, and even automatic bot responses.

Brittany Everette wanted to purchase a PS5.

However, since its release, it’s been extremely difficult to get your hands on one. Luckily, a guy reached out to her via Twitter and said he was trying to sell the PS5 his fiancé gifted him because it was the wrong version.

“This guy … reached out to me saying he was selling his PS5 digital edition that his fiancé gifted him because it was the wrong version. He was selling it at the regular price too,” Everette said.

Everette was unsure if she should proceed, but did so anyway.

She agreed to 50% down and the rest once she had the console.

That’s when things turned for the worst and pretty soon Everette began realizing that she was dealing with a scammer.

The initial transaction seemed pretty smooth according to Everette.

She even got the pictures to prove it was real right? Well, keep following.

Now we’re starting to smell something cooking and it’s not food

With the recent addition of his daughter having medical complications, the seller has hit a soft spot in Everette, who is medically inhibited as well and asks for the remainder of the money to help with his ailment.

Everette obliged but only if he would send a picture of him holding the printed-out drop-off confirmation or a shipping receipt, since tracking numbers take 24-48 hours to actually track.

She texts him on Tuesday for a follow-up, and the plot began to thicken.

Just when you thought you scored a sweet PS5. Instead, you get swindled by an online thief feigning sincerity in his business ethics.

Anyone would feel distraught and silly for being played like a fiddle.

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Twitter-@_BeeEv Source: Twitter-@_BeeEv

But not Everette. She had other plans in mind and would not go down without a fight.

And a fight it was. She relentlessly tries to communicate with him Tuesday afternoon and pursues to continuously ask him for her money.

She even reported his scam to the FTC, ICE, and the FDIC.

“I promise he’ll never know peace again.”

It was time for Brittany to land some jabs of her own.

She noticed he kept changing his Twitter handle to different variations of his actual name. After every change, she would message him telling the scammer, “I found you” and will always find him.

In her fury, Everette remembered an important detail in this mess: the Staple store number contained in the picture the scammer had sent.

With this new piece of information, Everette tracks down the address of the store. She was able to figure out the name of the seller since it matched the address in the same county as Staples.

She noticed his Twitter handle always pulls the same info with the same aliases.

Everette’s investigative work helped her acquire his email along with knowledge of his family members, their emails, phone numbers, addresses, the scammer’s mortgage, cars, and more.

With this information, Everette wrote a message to all emails associated pretending she was a legal team filing a civil lawsuit against the scammer as a result of stealing her money.

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Richard Patterson Source: Richard Patterson

She figured anyone would recognize it was a fake email.

She wrote the message in ridiculously but, apparently, nobody realized it was fake. Oh the irony of it all!

After some time to let off steam, Everette received a notification on her phone. It turns out, the seller’s fiancé had contacted her to let her know she was shocked and appalled he would do such a thing.

Afterward, the scammer finally reappears and this time he shows his true colors. He is apologetic from start to finish and says he will pay her back after she drops the charges.

Not believing a word he says, Everette doubles down on her demand to get her money back and offers no kind resolution until the terms are met.

After a few minutes, the scammer gives in and sent Brittany her $450.

Victory at last! All of Everette’s efforts were worth it in the end. The investigative work and constant barrage of inflammatory remarks really showed the scammer who’s boss.

She clearly warned him that there would be no peace and he now knows to not ever try this stunt again.

For anyone thinking that Brittany made this story up, you would be terribly mistaken. She even addressed it in one of her tweets. The fact is, she took matters into her own hands and ended up winning the battle in the end.

It’s important to know your rights and what you can and cannot do.

Brittany’s firepower worked in the best way possible and now hopefully online thieves will think twice before messing with this bad-ass chick.

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Twitter-@_BeeEv Source: Twitter-@_BeeEv

This is hands-down one of the best endings to an internet scam story. The fact that the scammer got what he deserved all at the mercy of the one he robbed makes this especially satisfying.

Revenge is a dish best served cold and this dish got served over ice.

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Source: GamingIntel ,Twitter-@_BeeEv