Woman visits tattoo shop each week – Artist always gives her temporary tattoo design

Tattoos are a form of expression for many individuals. It’s a permanent decision that stays with an individual forever. As a result, people put a lot of thought and planning behind their tattoos. Not only do you need to determine what to get tattooed to your body, but you also need to find who’s best fitted to do it. Tattoos aren’t done overnight. They are often done over the course of a few weeks to even a few months.

That’s why many children and even parents love the ideas of temporary tattoos. This allowed children to have fun with their bodies in a way that wouldn’t affect them for the rest of their lives.

One woman in New Zealand has really embraced the idea of temporary tattoos.

One day, Suzie, a woman with Down Syndrome, visited Muscle and Ink, a local tattoo parlor owned and operated by Jason Ward. She had a stack of temporary tattoos that she wanted to put on her arm, and she entered Jason Ward’s shop hoping he would help. Suzie wanted to show off her tattoos to all her friends at her care facility.


Jason, without hesitation, agreed to Suzie’s request. He put all the tattoos on Suzie’s arm, and he gave her the same attention to detail that he provides to every customer at his shop.


The process was so fun for Suzie that she visits the shop every single Friday to get new temporary tattoos inked on her arm.


Jason says the weekly visits from Suzie are a bright spot in his work day. It’s an opportunity for him to make someone incredibly happy, and he truly cherishes Suzie’s visits!

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