After 7 years of marriage, husband’s heart melts when wife finally agrees to sing in front of him

September 25th, 2020

Being able to sing is one of the most longed-for talents of all, yet some people who can sing would rather the world didn’t know about it.

One mom had managed to keep her singing voice from her husband after 7 years of marriage, but that was all about to change during one road trip through Kansas City, Missouri with their two kids.

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It isn’t mentioned why Chase Knight’s wife, Jocelyn, had refused to sing to him before, but, as the saying goes, better late than never.

In the video, recorded by Chase in the driver’s seat of the family car, 33-year-old Jocelyn is singing along to “I Don’t Care About You” by Lake Street Dive.

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This popular tune documents the singer’s emotions after breaking up with a lover, and the conflicting feelings that arise from thinking about them post-breakup. It’s something that many of us can relate to on a personal level, reminding us of a former love.

As the song builds towards the chorus, Jocelyn becomes more confident, raising her voice.

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It’s impossible to believe that she’s hidden her singing voice from her husband for 7 years. Hiding a hideous singing voice is understandable, if not necessary. But hiding a beautiful singing voice from your own husband seems like such a waste!

When the chorus kicks in, Jocelyn belts out the lines:

“I don’t care about you anyway
No no no
I don’t care about what you’ve got to say
No no no
I don’t care about you and I’d say it to your face
If I knew you could take it”

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Her voice is incredibly powerful, and Chase is obviously loving getting to hear her sing for the first time. He grins first at the camera, then at his wife, almost as if he can’t believe what he’s hearing.

Jocelyn keeps her eyes on the road, singing until the song finishes.

Then she turns to grin at Chase, who grins, then angles his camera to the back seats of the car, where their two little boys are strapped in. He asks,

“Guys, does mommy have a pretty singing voice?”

The answer is a big “no”. Ah, kids – they’re always a tough crowd. Jocelyn finds this hilarious, so she’s obviously already reached the stage where she’s learned not to take her kids’ criticisms personally.

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Kids’ opinions aside, there’s no question that Jocelyn has a beautiful singing voice.

The video never made it to YouTube, and there’s no info on the Knight family to say whether Jocelyn might have decided to start singing full-time after this moment.

But hopefully, Chase’s positive reaction encouraged her to sing in the car more often – even if the kids could take it or leave it.

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Singing boasts some surprising health benefits: it can boost oxygen flow around the body and release endorphins, the brain’s “feel-good” chemicals.

Singing in front of a crowd, even your partner or your family members, builds confidence, which also has long-lasting health benefits.

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So even if your voice more resembles an ogre’s than an angel’s, you might want to follow in Jocelyn’s footsteps and learn to love what you’ve got!

You can watch the video of Chase, his wife, and their tough-to-please backseat audience just below.

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