Wife's prank on 'sleeping' husband brings laughs to millions

July 6th, 2021

As the saying goes, “laughter is the best medicine.”

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Pexels|Helena Lopes Source: Pexels|Helena Lopes

Laughing at something funny or silly can take away a lot of pressure, tension, and stress. A little dose of good vibes for the day can ease all that. (That’s what we’re aiming for her at Shareably!)

This couple takes that adage into heart.

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Facebook|Nate Overman Source: Facebook|Nate Overman

Sharea and Nate Overman are proud parents to three young boys.

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Facebook|Sharea Overman Source: Facebook|Sharea Overman

While they admit it’s fun to raise them all, it can be a bit stressful. That’s why a little fun and a good laugh are more than enough to raise the spirits of this couple. Sharea successfully did with the help of the internet.

The Overmans were heading to Indiana to visit their family.

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Pexels|Maurício Eugênio Source: Pexels|Maurício Eugênio

Nate was “assigned” to drive for the whole trip. Things were going smoothly when Sharea noticed something unusual about her husband. She took a photo of him.

Don’t worry; he’s not asleep.

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Facebook|Sharea Overman Source: Facebook|Sharea Overman

Sharea said he was just getting very comfortable in his seat, looking so peaceful as if he was asleep. This was when she thought of pranking him with the help of a Facebook group. As a professional photographer, she used her skill to snap a good angle of Nate by the driver’s seat.

She shared the photo to Awakening | Inspiration, and Support for Professional Photographers.

This private group has over 29,000 members, and when Sharea posted the photo asking for help to edit her photo and photoshop the background by the car window “to make it look like he fell asleep while all these crazy things were going on.”

She got responses in a few minutes from all over the country!

Their edits were hilarious and entertained Sharea on their long trip. She showed the photos to her husband, and even Nate found it very funny.

The great thing is it also brought laughter to people all over the internet.

Not only that, but she also received messages from other countries with photoshopped images of her husband. From Alaska, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Sharea was overwhelmed and overjoyed by how her photos brought people together in such trying times.

“There are people who have broken down and told us just how hard this year has been for them and that this is the first time they’ve been able to have a really good laugh at something. “It’s been so humbling because what started out as something so silly has turned into all of this. We are putting smiles on faces we don’t even know,” she told CNN.

To this date, the post has been posted on numerous sites.

It continues to gain likes and shares – proof that people worldwide need something fun and light these days. Also, a testament that laughter is indeed the medicine to some of our problems.

If this brought you a smile today, we got Sharea and Nate to thank for.

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