Woman Loses 133 Lbs, Shares Phone Trick Used To Motivate Herself To Wake Up At 4 AM To Workout

November 22nd, 2017

Though it might not come easy, each and every one of us has the power to completely transform our lives. And it’s especially helpful if you have some motivational tricks up your sleeve.

Franny of the isfrannyfityet Instagram page recently shared a tip she used to help her lose more than 100 pounds.

She began her journey in January 2016 weighing 331 pounds and says she did the work for no one other than herself.

“I’m now down a total of ~200 and I am so proud of myself,” she wrote on Instagram.

She says what got her the farthest was changing her diet and being consistent with her workouts.

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“I’m so excited to end the rest of the year strong and start up the New Year with some new goals. I beg you guys to please stop putting off your weight loss; the sooner you start the sooner you will start really living your life,” she writes on Instagram. “Don’t wait until after Thanksgiving or Christmas, or the New Year. Start now, today, there is still a month and a half left of this year and so much progress can be made in that short amount of time. Don’t give up guys. I know it’s hard; I would be lying if I was easy.”

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isfrannyfityet Source: isfrannyfityet

She recently explained what she does to help her stay on track on days when she just doesn’t feel like waking up early to work out.

She places a picture of herself before she lost the weight on her screen saver so she can see it when her alarm goes off.

“There are days I don’t want to get up at 4 a.m. to work out I put my screen saver as a really old picture of myself so the first thing I see in the morning is someone I NEVER want to be again, guess how fast I get out of bed?” she said. “Isn’t that a great idea? That’s pure motivation right in your face and makes it near impossible to hit snooze!”

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isfrannyfityet Source: isfrannyfityet

She says never quitting and fighting to stick to your routine is crucial for success.

“Thankfully for some reason this time I am stronger than my failures. I am stronger than a number on the scale or the opinions of others,” she wrote on Instagram. “I am not saying those things do not bother me but now I am able to mentally overcome the feelings that are created by them. So while I myself am sometimes (not all the times lol) astonished by the physical changes in my body I am more impressed with my willpower to continue this new lifestyle.”

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Source: PopSugar