20 Glamorous Photos Proving Our Grandparents Looked Like Movie Stars

June 8th, 2021

When people age, their physical bodies change. Their skin gets wrinkly and their hair turns gray. Even the way they walk changes, too!

Fortunately, cameras and photos exist. Without them, we wouldn’t have an idea of how glamorous grandmas and grandpas were during their time. We wouldn’t even have a clue on how they dress!

As a way to look back at how cool and glamorous they were before, here are 20 photos of grandparents looking better than most of us these days.

1. Like a Disney princess

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Reddit-MarshmallowHarbinger Source: Reddit-MarshmallowHarbinger

Even if there’s no gown, this woman still looks like a princess. The way she’s interacting with farm animals without having her pretty dress dirty is just amusing. Even the animals found her pretty.

2. Nailing it

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Reddit-gillynt Source: Reddit-gillynt

If you are raising kids, you’d know how hard it is to look good all the time. Even styling your hair before heading out of the house is extra tricky. This woman, however, clearly has a secret or two to look this great. Just look at her hair and dress. She even got lipstick on!

3. In Venice

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Reddit-ferballz Source: Reddit-ferballz

If you’re traveling to Venice, why not wear a gown? That way, you’ll look super good when you immortalize the moment in pictures.

4. That confidence!

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Reddit-legalwolverine Source: Reddit-legalwolverine

Not all women feel confident to wear swimsuits back in the day. Well, not this woman. She’s definitely oozing with confidence in this photo.

5. Heartthrob

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Reddit-Hinjon Source: Reddit-Hinjon

He looks good for a 17-year-od. He even had a 6-pack. If his grandchildren see him this ripped, they’ll probably hit the gym right away.

6. Behind his success

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Reddit-oakandmain Source: Reddit-oakandmain

This woman did everything she could to support his husband in excelling in his racing career. Despite doing the messy job of changing tires to overseeing all the other details of her husband’s career, she still managed to look glamorous. What a woman!

7. On a date

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Imgur Source: Imgur

This couple clearly knew how to dress up for an occasion. Well, this photo wasn’t taken during a huge event. They were just out for a date but look at how good they look!

8. Glam look

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Reddit-412madeinteshade Source: Reddit-412madeinteshade

She didn’t need tons of makeup just to look glamorous. Picking the right blouse, hairstyle, and lip color was her key to looking this fabulous back in the day.

9. On vacation

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Reddit-Cameltoefiasco Source: Reddit-Cameltoefiasco

This woman was surely a fashionista during her day. Everything she’s wearing in this photo looks nice. The dress, the bob, and even the pearls- everything’s perfect.

10. Look at those glasses.

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Reddit-Lucavii Source: Reddit-Lucavii

No, he’s not an actor. He’s not even a model. He’s just a cool grandpa.

11. Fishing at 19 years old

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Reddit-lingolaura Source: Reddit-lingolaura

This photo may not be as glamorous as what most people have in mind but it’s perfection. Not every woman can catch a fish like that.

12. Just beautiful

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Reddit-Strongcook Source: Reddit-Strongcook

This woman’s love story is just as beautiful as her face. She met her husband, an American Bomber, on a Friday and married him on that Sunday. Their marriage lasted until her husband passed away 58 years later.

13. A vintage wedding photo

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Reddit-cookinwithspice Source: Reddit-cookinwithspice

It’s just so nice to see wedding photos taken several years ago. Each one has an interesting story to tell, like this photo. The man here was a Jewish WWII and Korean War Veteran and he fought in two wars before starting his family.

14. Dazzling look

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Reddit-BorderLove89 Source: Reddit-BorderLove89

It’s not hard to look this great when you’re already beautiful. A bold lip color and a nice hairstyle left this woman looking like a Hollywood star.

15. Just being cool

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Reddit-traviswilbr Source: Reddit-traviswilbr

This grandpa probably already knew that he looked cool. Even without a lot of effort, he still looked dashing here.

16. Looking classy

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Reddit-DrMacacoSmith Source: Reddit-DrMacacoSmith

Her eyes look so beautiful. Even without the lip color and the earrings, you’d still find her beautiful.

17. As a bridesmaid

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Reddit-slightlydefective Source: Reddit-slightlydefective

This woman’s a true beauty. She must have stolen the spotlight on her friend’s wedding day. Her beauty is just hard to miss.

18. All dressed up

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Reddit-Mrspumpkinpie Source: Reddit-Mrspumpkinpie

Back then, going out is enough reason to dress up. Even when they’re just buying some groceries, they’d still wear nice clothes.

19. Simple but beautiful

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Reddit-mountainofjoy Source: Reddit-mountainofjoy

Her gown didn’t have lots of beads or laces. Despite its simplicity, the dress still made her look even more beautiful. The groom looked charming, too.

20. Grandpa and grandma

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Reddit-markbarber Source: Reddit-markbarber

Both of them are 24 in this photo. Grandpa looked just a bit younger.

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