Siblings Lift Overturned Car - Saving A Couple And Their Baby

September 12th, 2018

It was a regular workday for Aaron Allen and his sister Jolisa Jones who both work for a furniture shop in Tampa, Florida. But as they were driving their delivery truck down Interstate 75 they become witnesses to a car accident along the highway.

Not to be mere bystanders, the siblings approached the scene and became heroes to the family who was trapped in a overturned car in a ditch.

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An accident on the highway

A couple, Thomas and Diana Windsor, and their 11-day old baby were driving on the interstate in their Toyota RAV4 coming home from a doctor’s appointment when the accident happened.

Both the siblings and the couple confirm that their Toyota was sideswiped by a white Chrysler down the highway near the Pasco-Hillsborough line causing their car to overturn in a ditch filled with water.

The family was trapped inside with their baby dangling upside down from the infant seat.

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Father’s instincts

It is a good thing Allen and Jones witnessed the accident and responded immediately.

Stopping the delivery truck they were driving; they rushed towards the overturned Toyota to see how they could be of help. After seeing that a baby was involved in the accident, Allen’s own father’s instincts went into high gear.

“There was actually a mother, a father, and an 11-day-old baby inside. I just immediately thought about my daughter and what I would do if I were in that situation.”

-Allen in an interview with Fox 13 News.

Allen has a four-month-old daughter himself.

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The ordeal

The family was trapped inside their Toyota in a watery ditch beside the highway. The water was slowly starting to flood into the vehicle.

“We tried to break the windows, but that didn’t work. So the only thing I could think of was to flip the car over”, Allen said.

Together, the two of them put their physical prowess to good use to lift the vehicle with the family in it to get a better shot at getting them out.

After flipping the vehicle over, Allen then broke the car’s windshield with his own fist saving the couple and their baby.

“I took my shirt off and wrapped it around my fist, and I used my fist to break the windshield off.”

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Battle scars

The event was something that Allen and his sister will never forget given that they harbor some battle scars after their heroic deed. Allen was injured after breaking the windshield with his fist as a piece of broken glass tore the skin of his arm.

“As my fist was coming out of the windshield, it hooked the glass, and it pulled my skin all the way back in a big chunk. The glass tore into my tendons in my arm,” said Allen, still talking with Fox 13 News.

His sister also incurred some scars on her hands as she helped lift the vehicle.

But Allen said that he just did what a decent person would do in a similar situation.

“If I was in that situation, I would want someone to come to my rescue, honestly,” he said.

Fortunately, the family survived the accident unscathed.

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And according to a report from My Dayton Daily News, the couple sees the siblings as their angels. We can see why.

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