Street Artist Transforms New York

July 28th, 2017

In a city that can often easy look cold and utilitarian, New York City Street Artist Tom Bob sees the potential beautiful bold colors have for making our city spaces look silly and fun.

His work involves transforming unsightly “street furniture,” like utility boxes, poles, pipes and sewer caps, into quirky cartoon-like creations that liven up city streets with lightheartedness.

His work is definitely smile-inducing and makes the New York City a chiller place to be.

I mean how happy would you be if you saw a boring old street sewer turned in to this…

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tombobnyc Source: tombobnyc

So happy… the answer is so happy!

Here’s the artist himself high above 9th street spraying painting a mural in the East Village.

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Tom Bob has been likened to other streets artists like OaKoAk who also transform seemingly ordinary things into extraordinary things.

Unlike some popular street artists, Tom Bob’s work isn’t too political in nature. It’s mostly just straight up FUN.

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Well, mostly. A few political jibes have gotten thrown in here and there, according to the posts on his Instagram page.

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tombobnyc Source: tombobnyc

Regardless, we’re definitely picking up what he’s putting down. Including this “sweetheart street art.”

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tombobnyc Source: tombobnyc

Lots of his stuff is kid friendly, like this cute little Tweety Bird.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 11881784_1626875847570534_1140814145_n
tombobnyc Source: tombobnyc

But some of it… not so much.

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tombobnyc Source: tombobnyc

He was among the featured artists at this year’s Governors Ball Music Festival. His work was also featured in Wear Where Well’s list of best NYC street mural’s in SOHO, Nolita, and Chinatown for his emoji mural.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 wear-where-well-nyc-mural-guide_0056-768x1152
Wear Where Well Source: Wear Where Well

We just really love the way Tom Bob sees the world.

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tombobnyc Source: tombobnyc

And how he could turn something boring and ugly like this…

swiggle1 dot pattern2 13257109_1785093568387196_522847340_n
tombobnyc Source: tombobnyc

And turn it into something as awesome as this.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 13108795_1719627314974837_1392778994_n
tombobnyc Source: tombobnyc

Just imagine what our world would look like if artists could freely roam our cities and have their way with it.

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tombobnyc Source: tombobnyc

We think the results would be pretty darn joyful.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 12144224_115262565502035_695315708_n
tombobnyc Source: tombobnyc

I mean how could you walk around a colorful world like that and not be happy? It would be pretty hard.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 12132779_1632189500369021_63502681_n
tombobnyc Source: tombobnyc

We think Tom Bob’s work is out of this world ?!

swiggle1 dot pattern2 19227673_1403186139758172_4465153326404599808_n
tombobnyc Source: tombobnyc

And we want to live in a world filled with art where our trash cans look like pirate robots.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 16908846_547972432069978_8060019027348553728_n
tombobnyc Source: tombobnyc

And air vents that look like kids with braces. I mean, who wouldn’t?

swiggle1 dot pattern2 15276539_190152001389425_4418409560939692032_n
tombobnyc Source: tombobnyc

This guy simply loves brushing his teeth.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 street_art_after
tombonyc Source: tombonyc

You can see more of Tom Bob’s happy and whimsical pieces on his Instagram page here.

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