Toddler With Downs Makes Friends With Kroger Employee

March 11th, 2019

Sometimes kids make new friends in the most unexpected of places. That is exactly what hardworking mom Allyson experienced when her two-year-old son Charlie met a kindred spirit in the Kroger grocery store recently. They were in the check out lane when it happened.

One of the Kroger employees who works there, Erin, noticed something very beautiful about Charlie and decided to introduce herself.

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“Erin was bagging our groceries and she asked me if he has down syndrome, and I say ‘Yes, he does,’ and she said, ‘Well so do I.'” Allyson explained in the heartwarming video released by Humankind Stories.

As soon as it was confirmed that they both had Downs, she and Charlie formed an instant connection.

“I felt a lot of connection when he was looking at me with his eyes. I could tell by his eyes that he’s connected to me,” Erin said.

Afterward, Erin started telling Allyson a little about herself. They had a nice conversation and then went on with their days. However, that wouldn’t be the last that the three would see of each other. By chance a week later, Allyson and Charlie ran into Erin again during their next visit to Kroger. Of course, they started chatting, picking up right where they left off.

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According to Allyson, it soon became a routine. They now head into Kroger every Tuesday to visit Erin and “Charlie’s face lights up every time he sees her.”

One day, Erin even asked if she could hold Charlie.

“The very first time she asked if she could hold him, I’m like, ‘Sure!’, thinking ‘Oh, I’m going to feel bad if he doesn’t want her to hold him, but he was totally fine with it and smiled up at her!” Allyson said.

Allyson took a picture of the two looking at each other and smiling and it is beautiful. They both recognize that they are two souls cut from the same cloth which allows them to bond on a very deep level.

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When Allyson showed her husband the photo he said, “Oh look at that, they’ve got a chromie connection!”. Allyson laughed and agreed because it was totally true.

Most days now when Allyson and her son go to the store, Erin lets Charlie help bag the groceries and he gets very happy.

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Some days Erin even takes him for a ride in one of the shopping carts.

They go “racing up and down the aisles” the video text reads.

“I just love playing with him,” Erin said. “It feels great inside my heart.”

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It’s amazing how much tenderness and kindness Erin has to share with other people in the community.

She sets a great example for all of us — we should all try to be more friendly with others while going about our day to day lives. It’s incredible how much a simple smile and a conversation with a stranger can mean sometimes.

Erin is more than just a friendly face to Allyson and Charlie though. In fact, she is a role model.

“Anytime you see anyone with special needs, it’s always, to me, inspiring to see them in the workplace because that just proves to the rest of the world, who may have any doubts or concerns that they can do that, too,” Allyson said.

“It gives me hope for Charlie’s future, of all the things that he might be capable of.”

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You never know when you are going to meet someone that will change your life.

That is exactly what happened to Charlie and mom Allyson that day when they just so happened to go through the check out at the same time Erin was working. We can only hope they’ll be able to continue their wonderful friendship for many years to come.

Watch the heartwarming video below to see the whole story of Charlie and Erin’s friendship.

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Toddler goes to Kroger every Tuesday to see his friend

She met little Charlie in the checkout lane and knew they had an unspoken bond.

Posted by Humankind Stories on Monday, February 4, 2019

Source: Humankind Stories