People are loving this woman's tactic of 'barking' at catcallers

April 7th, 2021

To be harassed in any form or way is a woman’s greatest nightmare. It’s more frightening when it happens in a place where you thought you’re safe.

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Sadly, there are many women who have experienced this terrifying situation just like being catcalled.

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Those people who catcall women probably don’t know that it’s not flattering at all. In fact, it makes the victim very uncomfortable.

There are even women who don’t know how they would deal with catcallers out of fear. But there are also ones who have different tactics of dealing with these rude people.

This is exactly what this Tiktoker experienced one night when she was walking on the streets.

The only difference is she had this unique way of handling the situation.

She is Lauren Bachman also known as @whatsupimjared on TikTok. She was casually recording a video and was talking about her OOTD while she was walking.

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But there were guys who suddenly caught her attention as they started harassing her.

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Although it’s obvious that she immediately felt uncomfortable, she tried to compose herself and even said “hi” to the guys. But they uttered disrespectful words that made them creepier.

So that’s the time when Lauren did the surprising thing.

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TikTok/whatsupimjared Source: TikTok/whatsupimjared

Nope, she didn’t confront them. What she did was she barked at them! Yup, that’s what she courageously did.

Lauren shared that awful experience on her TikTok account.

“How to properly deal with men,” she wrote.

The video has gone vastly viral with 1.6 million views as of this writing.

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A lot of people also reacted to the said clip. Most of them commended Lauren for what she did.

It also inspired many women to be more courageous when they encounter such people. One commenter even said that she would also use the same tactic.

It’s also nice to see that many women support and empower fellow women as they left positive comments on Lauren’s post.

For those men who still think that catcalling is okay, you should keep this in mind:

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If you have a mother or sisters, you surely don’t want them to experience such horrible treatment. It’s scary and definitely alarming to see people who normalize catcalling.

The bottom line is catcalling isn’t a compliment.

It’s not nice to hear. It doesn’t make women happy. It’s clearly a form of harassment.

So please, stop doing it.

For women who still don’t find the courage to deal with catcallers, we know that it’s not easy. We’re aware that it scares you a lot.

But you got this.

Just like Lauren, we hope that you’d also find the courage to fight back.

Don’t be afraid to tell your story. Just like Lauren’s, it would surely help other women out there who are also unsure of what to do whenever it happens to them. It would be also helpful if you would document it.

But we deeply hope that no women or let me say no one would experience it again.

Feel free to visit Plan Internation for more tips on how to deal with catcallers. You can also watch more videos from Lauren and be inspired by how she fights for herself even from detractors.

You can watch the video below!

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