Young Girl Meets Wounded Veteran She Raised Money For
Tempy did a triathlon to raise money for Help for Heroes. She didn't know she would make a friend in the process as well.
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Temperance Pattison was only 3-years-old when she learned about Remembrance Day and the meaning of buying a poppy.

Her mother explained to her that the poppies were used to raise money for soldiers and families of soldiers who died fighting a war.

“In the literal fashion of a child she didn’t understand why we were giving money to soldiers who couldn’t spend it, so she wanted to do something to give back to the soldiers that are still here,” her mother, Emily, told Daily Mail.

So, Temperance, who goes by the name “Tempy,” decided she would do a 100-meter swim to raise money for Help for Heroes.

Pretty 52
Pretty 52

“I did a 100-meter swim and that was a really big challenge because I couldn’t swim then,” Tempy said. “I didn’t drown.”

Tempy went on to do a triathlon knowing she could help raise a lot of money for charity, but what she didn’t know was that she would also be making a friend.

The charity that she was raising money for introduced her to a few of the soldiers that benefitted from the charity. At age 5, Tippy met Simon Brown who was shot by a sniper in Iraq and left with only 20 percent of his vision in one eye.

Help For Heroes
Help For Heroes

The two of them sat down together for an online series called “Facing It Together” where they told each other their stories.

“When I came home I found out that I’d lost my sight and I had to rebuild my life being told that I was going to be a blind man and leave the army,” he told her.

Simon then asked Tempy why she decided to be a fundraiser.

“Because even though I didn’t know any of the soldiers I just thought that they did something for us I thought I could give a present back to them by raising them money,” Tempy said in a fundraising video for Help for Heroes. “I’m quite proud of the soldiers.”

Simon was impressed by the fact that Tempy likes to challenge herself.

Help For Heroes
Help For Heroes

“Yeah, cause the soldiers challenged themselves,” Tempy explained.

Simon then told Tempy that because of her will to challenge herself, he was able to get the support he needed after he was shot.

“It’s cause of the challenges you do and the money you raise and the support you give that people like me can get better,” Simon said. “So, that’s why people like you are heroes.”

“And people like you are mine,” Tempy answered right back.

And that’s how Simon and Tempy became friends. The video of their touching exchange has gone viral. You can watch that video below.

Five Year Old Girl Meets Soldier

Amazing moment a 5 year old meets a soldier ❤️️

Credit: Help for Heroes Official

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