Teen Gets Haircut For Locks Of Love

September 16th, 2017

Jaimee Baumbardner was finally ready for a change. He was about to start his sophomore year of high school, so it was a good a time as any for this change. Baumbardner, a vlogger from Rock Island, IL, was about to change the most distinctive thing about him… his long wavy hair.

He had grown his hair out quite long over the course of three years as he was trying to grow his hair past his waist.

However, it ended up becoming quite damaged and filled with split ends in the process. So, he decided it was time to take drastic measures. That meant cutting off his long hippie-length locks into a buzz cut.

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Well, he was initially going for an “emo haircut,” however those wavy locks weren’t having it so he just grew it out long.

“The flips that I yeared to get rid of became dominant wavy and curly hair,” he said.

Baumbardner had to prepare himself emotionally and vlogged his entire experience from announcing his decision, to the haircut, and the aftermath of the haircut.

You can tell he looked super nervous in the beginning of the video of him getting his hair cut. But that instantly changed once he started seeing his locks fall. He ended up chopping off about 15 inches of hair which he donated to Locks of Love.

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Not only were his curly locks long, but they were also super thick. The hairdressers had to make several chops to get most of his locks off.

“You look like Shaggy,” his friend who was shooting the video calls out halfway during Baumbardner’s haircut. “You look like Shaggy!”

In the end, Baumbardner ended up looking a lot like the picture of a celebrity he brought with him to reference the haircut he wanted.

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“I felt I didn’t need to have hair to quote-on-quote ‘stand out,'” he said.

He absolutely did not, but his new haircut made him stand out because it was such a major transformation. So much so that his teacher didn’t even recognize him, according to Liftable.

Baumbardner smiles quite largely after his haircut and seemed very pleased with his results. He has since grown his hair out, according to his Facebook page.

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