Musical Artist Amazes Subway Passengers With 'Landslide'

June 7th, 2019

Bo Rodda posted this stunning YouTube video of a subway performer giving an acoustic rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide to a station full of commuters in Chicago.

Along with the video, he left this message for YouTube watchers:

“On my way home from work tonight I saw one of the best performances I have ever seen – anywhere. This young women playing ‘Landslide’ absolutely stunned the entire crowd which erupted into applause as the train arrives…please share.”

We’re glad he took the time to record the video and share it for everyone to see. It’s worth watching more than once.

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Bo Rodda via YouTube Source: Bo Rodda via YouTube

From the Chicago subway to internet fame

The singer and acoustic guitar player the video captured is Ashley “Slim Freedom” Stevenson.

She was playing her guitar near the trains in Washington Station on the Blue Line in Chicago in the video that captured the attention of millions on YouTube.

In fact, the video currently has more than twenty million views as well as two-hundred and forty-one thousand likes, with only seven thousand people hitting the thumbs-down button. Those are pretty good numbers for any performance!

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Bo Rodda via YouTube Source: Bo Rodda via YouTube

The performance that wowed everyone

Sitting on a folding camp chair with her guitar case next to her, the yellow-hoodie and slim jeans wearing musician started the song by putting all her energy into bringing the music to life through her guitar.

Then her clear voice filled the station singing the lyrics of the famous song, echoing off the subway walls:

“I took my love; I took it down

Climbed a mountain and I turned around

And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills

‘Til the landslide brought me down.”

She continued singing the song with passion and sincerity.

Subway riders listened to the music, with some tossing dollar bills into the crate next to the singer.

Others, like Bo, filmed the performance to share and listen to long after their commute was done for the day.

It was a nice reprieve from an otherwise monotonous commute for many of the people there that day.

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Bo Rodda via YouTube Source: Bo Rodda via YouTube

More performances

The singer has her own YouTube channel where she has posted other songs she recorded in a studio.

Her original songs have included titles such as I Have a Dream, Ponder, War Children, and Heaven’s Lobby.

She brings heartfelt emotion as well as the same energy captured in the viral YouTube video of her performing in the subway.

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Slim Freedom via YouTube Source: Slim Freedom via YouTube

A disappearing act

The YouTube channel seems to be the only thing left online of the artist’s work today.

Her Instagram has been set to private. Her Facebook and Twitter links go nowhere. The same goes for her website. She has vanished much like the passengers in the subway station after the train has left the station.

We hope she’s out there somewhere, just hiding from the paparazzi, safe and still creating musical masterpieces.

While we’re not sure where the artist has gone in life, her music and passion continue to leave us in awe via the magic of YouTube.

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Source: Bo Rodda via YouTube