Teacher Posts Low Wage - Stranger Offers To Supply Her Class

May 14th, 2019

In recent years, it’s come to light how badly paid American teachers are. It’s shocking when you consider that teaching is the most vital job in the world, as it literally creates all the other jobs!

If there’s one thing that Americans should feel bad about, it’s not supporting teachers. Teaching is hard work.

It’s true that teaching is also a rewarding profession, but a warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment doesn’t pay the bills!

The story of Elisabeth Milich shows perfectly how badly teachers are paid and what people can do about it!

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Elisabeth Milich/Facebook Source: Elisabeth Milich/Facebook

Milich is 43 years old. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona and teaches second grade at the nearby Whispering Wind Academy. Recently, she posted a photo of her entire earning in the last year.

She managed to earn $35,000 last year. That’s her full-time salary.

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Elisabeth Milich/Facebook Source: Elisabeth Milich/Facebook

With that amount of money, she had to support her entire family (which includes three children.)

But there’s something much worse about this figure.

On top of supporting her family, she also had to ensure that that money could stretch to buying school supplies for her class.

That should have been the school’s responsibility. But thanks to how little the government supported the school, she often had to buy things out of her own pocket.

So not only was she earning very little for such an important job, but she also had to spend that money on essentials for the classroom.

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Pixabay Source: Pixabay

Obviously, some people would say that she could just not buy those supplies. But people like Milich put others before themselves. So when she sees kids without resources, she steps in. For her, supporting others is what she sees as her duty.

It’s a shame that the government doesn’t see fit to provide for her in the same way!

But after posting her shockingly low salary on Facebook and explaining how she has to provide for the kids in her class, a good Samaritan intervened.

A man called Ben Adam, whom Milich did not know, messaged her on Facebook. His first message was just the following question:

“Has anybody offered to buy supplies for your classroom?”

She replied that no one had. So the man stated that he would purchase any supplies she needed.

At first, Milich was skeptical. The man lived in New York, thousands of miles from Arizona.

But still, Milich sent him a list of everything that she needed for her class.

She would soon find out that this kind-hearted individual was much more reliable than the government.

The next day, Milich walked into class to find a range of Amazon packages. She looked at them, confused. Surely there had been some sort of mistake.

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Elisabeth Milich/Facebook Source: Elisabeth Milich/Facebook

But she read the labels. All of the packages were addressed to her class. She opened the first box. It was paint for the kids.

Amazed now, she opened another box. It was the sharpies she’d requested. All that she’d asked for was there.

The kids couldn’t believe it either. They suddenly had everything they needed to learn and create with.

As soon as she could, Milich got onto Facebook to thank Adam. In response, he asked if any other teachers at the school needed supplies.

She couldn’t believe his generosity!

Adam has since supplied five other teachers at Milich’s school and has committed to supplying them in future semesters.

“It has changed my life completely. It’s so humbling and so kind, it just renews my faith in the human race” – Elisabeth Milich.

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Elisabeth Milich/Facebook Source: Elisabeth Milich/Facebook

Adam isn’t content with supplying six teachers. Even though he can only fund so many classes, he realized that he could be doing something to raise awareness.

So he launched Classroom Giving, which allows people to provide supplies to any classroom in America that needs it.

Hopefully, the US Government can pay attention to Adam’s hard work and help the struggling schools across America!

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Source: Good Morning America