Here's how people reacted when family puts out sign saying 'Commence Silly Walking'

June 3rd, 2021

Sometimes, you just get real tired of walking normally, you know?

Monty Python is an iconic piece of comedy entertainment. Everything from “The Spanish Inquisition” to “The Holy Grail” has left its mark on comedy culture.

It’s not so weird then that some people are still having a go at their old skits and ideas – like here!

“The Ministry of Silly Walks” might not be as memorable to you as “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition”, or “Tis but a scratch”, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t leave people in stitches back in the day.

Liz Koto and her family here make it pretty clear how much they like Monty Python. They’ve put up a “Silly Walks” sign outside their home in Michigan, and they filmed everyone who got the reference and played along!

1. “Screw the floor, the whole pavement is lava!

I never asked if there are still adults who play “The floor is lava”. Still, I’m glad to have the answer. This person looks like they’re having fun”.

2. “Wait, let me get a good start.”

If someone asks you to put on a show, it makes sense that you’d do your best, right? This guy has the right idea. He walks all the way to the other end to get a good start.

3. Guess this sidewalk is a runway now.

You get told to do a silly walk, but you’re wearing a cute outfit today. What do you do? You do this, clearly.

4. Let’s get physical.

What is being silly without a dash of recklessness? Throw in a backwards walk and a jumping jill, let those people know you’re up for some danger (but not too much danger).

5. You said silly walk, so I’m gonna silly walk!

Hey, there’s not that many people around. No reason to be shy. Take your cue from this guy, and stomp and wiggle around like nobody’s business!

6. Do it like the old paintings on the tombs!

Oh, referencing The Bangles for our silly walk, are we? Well, don’t move to quick or you might fall down like a domino.

7. “Your steps don’t have to be that big, this ain’t a contest!”

This man seems to be outdoing everyone with the size of his stride! But the bigger your strides, the faster you get to where you’re going, right?

8. Strength in numbers.

You ever seen a flock of Flamingos wading and dancing through the water? Same energy here, clearly.

9. Doing the Robbie Rotten walk, are we?

That walking style seems awfully familiar. Channeling our inner Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town, are we? I bet the late Stefan Karl would be very proud!

10. Who needs bones?

Bendy, lanky and boneless is the spirit! Walk like you’ve got no skeleton. Channel your inner Wacky inflatable tube man and walk like you’re this close to falling over.

11. The rule of two.

Always two, there are. A master and an apprentice. No more no less. The question is, who had the sillier walk? The master or the apprentice?

12. Do it for them!

Sometimes, being silly is the best way to face dark times! Be thankful to the hardworking healthcare workers, who all go the extra mile so people like us can live another day to silly walk like this.

Did this make you feel like silly walking today? Then let the whole world know. Go off silly walking in the streets, it’s not like anyone can tell you not to! But before you go do that, please share this article with the people you know too.

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Source: Yorkshire Silly Walks, Jeff Sherry