Cop Breaks Window In Car For Baby But Realizes It's A Baby

August 5th, 2017

When it’s a hot summer day, the temperatures are rising and there’s a ton of sunshine in the air, people often make the terrible mistake to leave children or pets in their car in the midst of all that heat. When stationary, the temperatures inside a car can rise to life-threatening levels. In fact, many fatalities have been reported by incidents such as these.

One day, Police Lt. Jason Short received a phone call from a concerned pedestrian that saw a little baby stuck in a parked vehicle, and the good Samaritan immediately reported it to the emergency services to save the little baby’s life.

The car was parked near a shopping center in Keene, New Hampshire and the pedestrian saw the foot of a baby seemingly trying to escape from a blanket.

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Inside Edition, Reborns Source: Inside Edition, Reborns

When the police lieutenant arrived and saw the baby in the car, he didn’t hesitate for a moment and broke the car window to try and get the baby out safely.

Afterward, the officer feared that he was too late. The baby was completely unresponsive, wasn’t breathing and had no pulse.

Trained for situations like these, the police officer then proceeded to give CPR, but that’s when he noticed that the baby’s skin didn’t smell and feel like normal.

That’s when he realized it wasn’t actually a real baby at all, but a very convincing plastic doll.

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These plastic dolls often referred to as “reborn” dolls, are specifically made for their authenticity and are meant to resemble real babies. They’re quite expensive and usually cost more than two thousand dollars apiece, but are apparently popular to collectors.

A small crowd had already gathered in the parking lot and the owner finally came back, surprised to see all the commotion around her car. The woman was rather surprised about the officer’s actions and wasn’t too keen on her car window being broken for a baby doll. The doll, named Ainslie by the woman, was so lifelike and the police officer felt that he did the right thing by breaking the car window.

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Inside Edition, Reborns Source: Inside Edition, Reborns

Because it effectively was a mistake, the local police department did reimburse the woman for her broken car window.

After the incident, police all around the United States are now warning and urging owners of these reborn dolls to deal with them in a responsible manner and make sure they can’t be mistaken for real infants.

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Source: Inside Edition