Pink Sang With Her Daughter For The First Time

November 7th, 2018

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of decades you probably are familiar with a very popular music artist known as Pink. She is an iconic artist who never does anything halfway and is known for some of her stranger antics in songs, videos and live performances. She has a flare and passion for music and one incredible singing voice.

She hits all our girl notes singing about love and heartbreak, triumph and success against all odds. You can feel the emotion and her personal experience coming through the lyrics and each song relates to us all on some level. She puts everything she is into her music and creates songs almost anyone can relate to.

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She is not shy and could be called one of the most influential female artists of this century. People who don’t even like her seem to follow her just to see what she’ll do next and every song played on the radio becomes an instant overnight sensation. I’ve caught myself humming her tunes even if they’re songs I’m not particularly fond of.

From shows including acrobatics to pyrotechnics, Pink has a unique artistic style all her own and she makes no apologies.

Pink is an inspiration to all women to be true to yourself and never let anyone tell you otherwise. With her mohawk hair that changes color regularly and her bodywork of tattoos, she is a fierce woman to be reckoned with and she’s taken the world by storm. But while her look may exude that of a rock hard exterior but Pink has a softer side not often seen.

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While recording songs for a remake of the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman, Pink was seen in a different role than domineering female lead; a mother. Celebrities are normal people just like the rest of us and need to have a balance between work and home just like the rest of us. Pink is the mother of 2 beautiful children, Willow Sage Hart (7) and Jameson Moon Hart (1), and has been married to husband Corey Hart for 12 years now.

We don’t often see celebrities in an everyday role like mom and it’s heartwarming when the public gets to see these special moments.

To record the new songs Pink brought along a very special helper to the studio, her daughter Willow, to be her co-singer. It’s fun to see them messing around together and Pink cheering on her daughter as her biggest fan. In the video below you can see her encouraging Willow and asking for her help to keep the beat in time and she gives her a big thumbs up to let her know how well she’s done.

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Whether Pink is starting her daughter’s musical training early or this was just a wonderful mother/daughter moment, it melts the heart to see this duo making beautiful music together. When we get to see a celebrity like Pink let her guard down and just be in the moment with her daughter we are able to physically see where her music comes from. Her heart inspires her lyrics and touches people everywhere and Willow is part of that. Watch below to see the adorable session for yourself!

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