Choreographer Phil Wright Gets Entire Families Grooving

January 25th, 2019

Phil Wright is a choreographer in Hollywood, California. He works at the International Dance Academy. At the school, Wright teaches people of all ages, from young to old, to dance.

In August 2017, Wright filmed a video that is seriously amazing! It has received over six million views on YouTube so far.

In the video, families are shown dancing together and having a great time. These aren’t just any regular dance moves, though.

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Phil Wright via YouTube Source: Phil Wright via YouTube

Getting into the Groove

Most kids would probably be embarrassed if their parents started dancing in public. Parents aren’t always known for having the best dance moves.

Now, these kids were taking dance lessons from an amazing choreographer. Surely the parents couldn’t compete, could they?

Well, Wright did something to help the parents out. He taught them how to dance too!

Wright created a choreographed dance routine for the kids and their parents to do together. This likely pushed some of the parents out of their comfort zones, mainly because they were being recorded.

However, they all seemed willing to participate in the fun dance routine. Some parents really got into it and found their groove!

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Phil Wright via YouTube Source: Phil Wright via YouTube

Stars are Born

A few of the children seemed very surprised that their parents had such amazing dance moves. The parents definitely put in their share of hard work to get there!

The song that Wright used for the dance routine is “Let’s Groove” by Earth, Wind, and Fire. It turned out to be the perfect song to get everybody moving and grooving.

Most of the dancers’ parents were dancing alongside them, but one student’s 81-year-old grandfather joined in too! Younger siblings danced in the video as well.

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Phil Wright via YouTube Source: Phil Wright via YouTube

There was even a dad who was wearing a baby and a cowboy hat. Family members of all types were able to participate.

The video features one family dancing at a time for a short time. This gave everyone a chance to show off their skills. As each family took their turn, the rest of the families watched. In the background, you can see everyone watching, cheering, and getting into the music!

After most families finished their turn dancing, they shared a big hug. This dance routine was bringing the families closer together!

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Phil Wright via YouTube Source: Phil Wright via YouTube

Excellent Choreography

It’s not clear exactly how long it took for Wright to choreograph such a large group of people. The dancers make it look like they’ve been practicing for months.

Wright is definitely a skilled choreographer. He had all of the skills necessary in order to make this a success, even without professional dancers.

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Phil Wright via YouTube Source: Phil Wright via YouTube

The video was filmed and edited by Wright’s friend, Rickie “Typo” Crouch. Crouch did an excellent job of producing the short video! It was a total hit and went viral when it was first released, but viewers are still loving it today!

Wright was attempting to get the video sent to Ellen DeGeneres. DeGeneres often features positive videos like these and invites their creators on the show. It doesn’t seem like Wright’s video made it on the show yet, but there’s still hope.

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Phil Wright via YouTube Source: Phil Wright via YouTube

A Lasting Memory

It isn’t only entertaining to the viewers. Everyone involved loved participating in the dance too. You can see the look of pure joy on their faces!

Moments like this truly inspire a love for music and dance from a young age. Plus, it never hurts to get active and moving. This great experience will be a sweet memory for the families forever!

You can watch the impressively choreographed video here. Get ready to dance along!

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