Family Members Of Wildly Different Ages Dance Together!

April 14th, 2019

Almost every culture on the planet loves to dance. It’s one thing that unites people, no matter their background. This video shows that families can have great moves with one another, even when they have huge age gaps!

Many kids act embarrassed around their parents nowadays.

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PXhere Source: PXhere

Every parent who has a child older than seven knows the experience of being mocked in public for not knowing something that the kids know.

But despite this, most children still experience family harmony with their parents to the point where they both achieve impressive things.

But the families in this video have really taken bonding to heart in a unique way.

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Phil Wright/YouTube Source: Phil Wright/YouTube

The video opens with Criscilla and her daughter. The two dance together in a really well-coordinated routine.

The only odd thing is that Criscilla’s daughter is just six months old.

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Phil Wright/YouTube Source: Phil Wright/YouTube

Admittedly, she doesn’t perform the majority of the dance moves. She’s strapped onto her mother’s chest as they move across the dancefloor.

But the baby girl is still into it. She shakes her arms to the beat in that cute way that babies do.

This is just the start of a range of incredible dance routines to Candy by Cameo.

All the performers in the video are incredible.

Ana Shibata and her 81-year-old grandpa are also amazing.

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Phil Wright/YouTube Source: Phil Wright/YouTube

The granddaughter is admittedly a lot more flexible on the dancefloor than her elder, but that doesn’t stop the two from coordinating themselves impressively.

The grandpa does make some strange faces throughout the routine. Other than that, his performance is perfectly respectable!

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Phil Wright/YouTube Source: Phil Wright/YouTube

And to prove that he’s young at heart, Ana’s grandpa ensured that he danced while wearing a baseball cap turned backward.

The creative choreography in the video is all thanks to Phil Wright.

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Phil Wright Inc Source: Phil Wright Inc

He uploaded this video to his YouTube channel recently to show the world what families can achieve, even if they have huge age gaps.

Wright is one of the world’s greatest dance teachers. He’s worked with some hugely successful musicians, including Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Will Smith and MC Hammer.

But most recently he’s created something called The Parent Jam.

As you can imagine, that means that he’s offering dance classes to parents and their children (or grandchildren.)

Since being uploaded, the video has been hugely successful.

It has gained over 1.7 million views on YouTube. It was also featured on The Ellen Show.

Additionally, hundreds of people have commented their appreciation of the video in the comments section.

People have been saying things like:

“What a great grandfather investing time in his granddaughter!”

“I love how the mom is keeping control of holding her baby on certain moves. Awesome mom.”

“Am I the only one that cried when the girl in the pink danced with her grandpa. That was so sweet dancing with your family memories that last forever.”

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Phil Wright/YouTube Source: Phil Wright/YouTube

You may not have the money to book Phil Wright to teach you and your kids to dance, but there are still many options there for you.

Almost every city has a dance teacher. And if you show them the reaction that Phil Wright’s video has gained, then they’ll be highly likely to want to make time in their schedule for you and your kids!

Even if dancing isn’t your thing, then you can still work with your children to do something creative together. Perhaps you could both take up painting, drama or anything else!

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Source: Phil Wright