Nurse Sings Final Hymn For Dying Patient

March 29th, 2017

The young caregiver Isabelle Jennings has bonded with a patient in the resting home Life Care Center of Kansas City over songs and hymns in particular.

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Isabelle regularly helped out her patient Mary Helen Schmelze and every Friday, Isabelle would go to Mary’s room and sing her a song.

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Nichol Family, USA Today Source: Nichol Family, USA Today

A couple of months after they met, Mary felt that she was struggling. She was dealing with congestive heart failure and was dying.

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Nichol Family Source: Nichol Family

When Isabelle heard the news, she immediately came over to the care center on her day off sing a hymn for Mary, one last time. The nurse aide sang beautifully for her friend and it was recorded by Mary’s daughter Julie. Isabelle beautifully sang “In The Garden”.

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Isabelle had the opportunity to talk to Today: “I loved Helen and I counted her as a friend, I knew it would be the last time I saw her.” She also comforted her family and Mary’s granddaughter when they heard about her illness.

Every time Mary saw Isabelle, she asked if she would sing for her. Isabelle also said that she cared about everyone very much and always asked if she could help.

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Nichol Family Source: Nichol Family

Mary Helen passed away a few days after the video was recorded. Her daughter Julie shared the video online and wishes that it would inspire other caregivers.

“The best gift you can give somebody is your time, just your compassion.”, Julie said.

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[Source: Jeremiah Nichol]