You Can Hire An 'Uncle' In Korea To Stop A Bully

September 25th, 2018

You may have heard about those rent-a-mom services where you can rent-a-mom to do, well, mom stuff.

You can now rent an “Uncle Service” in Korea.

While some school districts and parents are fighting bullying through awareness and programming, Korea is using uncle intimidation.

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There are three different packages: the “Uncle Package,” the “Evidence Package,” and the Chaperone Package.”

You can hire an uncle to scare away bullies, scare a bully’s parent, or sleuth out some evidence.

The “Uncle Package” will cost you $443 per day and gets you an intimidating man in his 30s or 40s that will pretend to be your uncle and warn bullies at school not to mess with your child.

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They will bring your child to and from school.

The “Evidence Package” is $354 per day and has an “uncle” obtain video evidence of bullies in action.

He will then show it to administrators and demand action be taken. He threats to show the video to the school board if they don’t send it.

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“I’ll submit an official complaint to the school board if you guys do not properly investigate the case. We want a clear resolution,” is what the uncle is trained to say.

The “Chaperon Package” will have the “uncle” visit the bully’s parents at their place of work.

The “uncle” will protest in front of the office and scream “A parent of a bully works here.” This service costs $1,772 for four visits.

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About 10 percent of students at Korean primary and secondary schools have suffered from violence from fellow students according to a survey of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology found, according to 9GAG.

“Private sanction is just another form of violence. School violence needs to be resolved by improving the system,” Professor Kim Yoon Tae of Korea University said.

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Bullying has been in the Korean headlines since 2011 when a 13-year-old boy committed suicide and left a note detailing the abuse he suffered.

The government then issued laws that would impose force suspension on students involving school violence.

They also lowered the age a child can face a criminal charge from 14 to 12. So, strangely enough, the “uncle” solution is a more humane solution than getting the police involved and turning a child into a criminal.

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In Korea, intimidation of a paid stranger is a better solution than getting authorities involved. Weird but I guess the logic is that it takes muscle to get rid of muscle… or something like that?!

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