After tragically losing 16-year-old, mom finds letters around the house from her

October 22nd, 2020

Everybody knows being 16-years-old is a difficult time. It’s an age where you’re stuck trying to find your identity while also exploring new social circles. The last thing teenagers usually want to do is stay home and spend time with their parents…

But Macy Mathis wasn’t your typical teenager, she’d do anything to hang out with her family.

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Of course, she’d make time for her loving boyfriend and friends, however, spending time with mom was always a top priority.

Macy was one of the most kind-hearted teenagers you could ever meet and she and her mother Cindy were like two peas in a pod.

As we are filling in some of the puzzle pieces to the book we come across some mind pondering thoughts that some parts…

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But sadly 16-year-old Macy was taken from this Earth way too soon when she and her boyfriend were involved in a tragic car accident.

The kind of pain a parent endures after losing a child is unfathomable and Macy’s mother Cindy desperately wished to wake up from the nightmare… But it was their family’s reality.

We will never forget today! ❤️😓

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Like any parent, Cindy struggled to comprehend the loss of her beautiful daughter. She yearned to hold Macy just one last time. Little did Cindy know she was going to find something that would make the days a bit easier.

A year before Macy passed she gifted her mother a very thoughtful birthday present.

Babygirl, I had to open this one because I am so excited about the people you have touched. Your story has traveled all…

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She wrote 25 personalized letters for her mom to open during different occasions. There were letters for the rough days, happy days, and everything in between.

Cindy had forgotten about her precious gift when one day she came across one of the letters.

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She told Inside Edition,

“It was about a month after Macy had passed. I was cleaning out my trunk and I found one letter that said, ‘When you can’t sleep, open this, I grabbed it and I screamed bloody murder.”

Cindy remembered there were 24 more letters scattered around the house and she went digging high and low to find them all.

She always knew how to make me smile! ❤️

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Macy wrote on the 25 envelopes things like, ‘Open when you’re excited about something, ‘Open when you need a laugh,’ and ‘Open when you’re feeling sick.’. There was one letter that struck Cindy’s heart the moment she saw it, it was titled ‘Open when you miss me’.

The letter was filled with Macy’s sweet and thoughtful words which her mom needed dearly.

This one was so hard to open. You don't know how much mommy misses you! There is not a second of the day that goes by…

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Even though Cindy was overjoyed when she was first given those special letters she never would have known how much weight they’d hold just a year later. She explained to Inside Edition,

“I truly feel these letters have kept me alive. Every time I feel like giving up, I’ll go open one, even one that I’ve already opened and just read it again, and I feel like, “You’ve got me girl, you’ve got me.”

No parent should ever have to go through such a horrific loss. But Cindy felt grateful to have Macy’s beautiful handwritten words to help soothe her grief.

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Cindy has even waited to open some of the letters because she wanted to open them for the days Macy wished for her too. Since finding the letters, Cindy sparked an idea. She decided she was going to write a book in Macy’s honor.

The book would be an inspirational piece that would help others who have lost loved ones.

I’m not sure why, but I decided to Google “Macy Mathis” to see if my little girls Journey/Story would show up!! I am…

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It’s still a work in progress, but Cindy has created and Facebook page called Macy’s Journey, where she posts memories and other things to keep her story alive.

Even though Macy’s may not physically be here, her genuine heart and spirit live on forever.

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We wishing nothing but love and healing for the Mathis family. Even though Macy’s may not physically be here, her genuine heart and spirit live on forever.

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