Woman Gets Transformation That Turns Back Time

July 10th, 2019

Life is all about balance. A healthy dose of everything, even the hectic stuff makes the good stuff even better, right? We would like to think so but even we can admit that at times, the one part of us that we see every day tends to come in last place on the daily life’s to-do list.

Work, family and just about anything else we conquer on the daily take up the majority of our time so it’s really no wonder the last thing we’re worried about is our outer appearance. I mean, we’re presentable every day but, where has that feel-good factor gone? We’re not talking glitz and glam on a Tuesday here but, what if someone could wave a magic wand and match the good we feel inside with the outside? What if there was like, a makeover guy? (See what we did there?)

Lisa from Southwest Oklahoma says that she is “ready to be the best version of me.”

She had been working hard her whole life and was ready to just feel beautiful again. You could say, Lisa was taking the first step into the softer side of things with some cool blonde locks to match her cool personality and, let the world see who she really is.

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The Make Over Guy, also known as Christopher Hopkins, has been capturing the essence of beauty and changing lives one cut and style at a time.

Willing to take risks and push people out of their comfort zone just enough to be wowed by his talents, Christopher is a wizard when it comes to amping things up and helping people find their forgotten beauty. As he says “The thing about doing a dramatic cut, IT WILL GROW!” so, just know, you are in great hands with The Make Over Guy and, maybe you can take some of his wisdom and trust into your next appointment!

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Christopher has quickly become a fan favorite having been featured on Oprah and The Today Show and has produced a vast library of fun beauty enhancement videos at your perusal on his YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe while you’re there and check out all of the other amazing makeovers, or should we say comebacks The Make Over Guy has created. “She looks 20 years younger!” is just an example of his viewers’ reaction to his work. He truly is such a gifted stylist. And, what he is providing is more than just a service. It’s life-changing.

As for our friend Lisa from Southwest Oklahoma, she can finally say that she feels as good on the outside as she does on the inside.

“That’s ME!” says Lisa.

To fresh, new beginnings!

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Join the fun on Facebook, subscribe to his official channel and, be sure to check out his website for more from The Make Over Guy.

Take a look at the video below where we see Lisa, who is already stunning, literally go back in time! You don’t want to miss it!

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