Poor man asks woman to buy him milk. He has tears in his eyes when she doesn’t stop there
When he asked her to buy him a gallon of milk, she kindly obliged. However, she didn't stop there and had him in tears with her next move.
D.G. Sciortino

Most times, when someone walks up to a stranger on the street asking for something, the answer is almost always “No.” And that’s what Ariane Nelson almost told the young man who walked up to her as she was waiting to get a car wash.

However, she thought twice about the impact she would have on that man’s life if she said “Yes” instead of “No.”

So, not only did she agreed to buy him the gallon of milk he asked for, but she decided that she would do him one better.

“This young man approached me and asked me to buy him a gallon of milk. My first thought was to say no but as I was paying for my gas I grabbed the milk. Outside was his girlfriend holding a box of cereal. He thanked me and I started to walk to my car. Something in me made me turn around. I told them I was about to get a car wash but if he wanted to wash it for me I’d pay him $20. He went to the nearest car wash and he had tears in his eyes after I paid him!”


The young man was overjoyed and immediately got to work on scrubbing the woman’s car. Not only was he happy to get the money, but she was providing him with something that money couldn’t buy.

“He told me that more than anything he appreciated me giving him the opportunity to be a man again in the eyes of his girlfriend and work for the money. The whole time his girlfriend helped him. It’s like she was proud of him. You could tell the love was so real. Real beyond material things and what he could do for her. She told him he did a great job and he couldn’t stop smiling.”

After hearing this heartfelt truth, the woman decided she would help the couple even further.

“I had a long talk with him and her and he had a backpack full of paperwork from all of the places he’s been going to get help for them. I drove them to my apartment complex and gave him clothes for interviews and a few outfits and fitted caps. I don’t have much but life is about sharing what you do have.”

Even though she didn’t have all that much to spare, she gave what she had.

She fed them; clothed them; gave them a ride, work, self-esteem, and hope.

“Be a blessing to someone today because you could be in that situation before you know it! I gave them my number and plan to take them to any interviews or appointments they have. It’s a great day to be alive no matter what your situation is. Someone has it worse than you! Share this good message and inspire others to do good.”

Just imagine all the good you can do if you just say “Yes” instead of “No.”

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By D.G. Sciortino
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