Irish Groomsmen Stand In Formation, Perform Unique Wedding Dance That Millions Have Watched

January 2nd, 2018

There are a lot of things that couples get excited about when they are getting married.

Many couples take months or even years to plan out their weddings and make sure they are perfect. They plan everything from the color scheme and music to the food and decorations. Many of them even plan out the dance they will do as a couple.

Wedding dances can range from traditional to downright crazy. In recent years, couples have started coming up with some unique dances. These unusual performances range from father-of-the-bride dances to first dances to entire wedding party dances.

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Rob Wilson wanted to surprise his bride and the guests with a special dance.

He talked his groomsmen into learning it with him, and it’s pretty impressive. Of course, since the Wilsons were planning a traditional Irish wedding, there was going to be a lot of dancing. He had to come up with something really good if he was going to impress everyone.

The wedding ceremony itself was pretty traditional. It wasn’t until the reception at the Ramada in Belfast that things got interesting. After the guests arrived and everyone was enjoying refreshments, Rob and many of the male guests stood and took the floor. They stood perfectly still, waiting for the right moment.

Once the music started, the crowd gasped in excitement.

The men were doing an Irish dance with their own special touches. They were all in step, and Rob was leading the group. The choreography was amazing, and everyone in the audience was cheering and clapping.

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The dance alone was amazing, but the fact that the groom was able to convince so many men into doing the dance with him is even more impressive.

Even though many Irish men are very traditional, not all of them are willing to do dances in front of a big crowd. Rob sure does have some great friends to help him.

Hopefully, his bride apricated all the hard work and time he put into the dance. Irish dancing is fancy, and sometimes it can be complicated. There are a lot of dance steps and movements that take a lot of practice. Rob and his friends didn’t just learn this dance in a couple hours or even a couple of days. This one took some time.

At least they also looked good out there.

If there were any single men involved in this dance, they weren’t single for long. All the single women in the audience were probably lined up and hoping to get their numbers before the dance was even done. If that’s the case, maybe there will be a lot more impressive groomsmen dances in the future.

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The video of this dance was shared thousands of times, and it seems like everyone loves it.

Some of the viewers commented on it with kind words, like:

“I could very easily fall for a guy who could dance like this. Brilliant!!”

Another commented:

“Who needs drums when the Irish have feet, friends, and synchronism”

Everyone seems to have responded positively to the dance.

If Rob is willing to go out of his way to make his wife laugh at their wedding, what will he do for their anniversaries? Seems like he has set the bar high for himself. At least he has some time to practice before his next performance.

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