Lawmaker Calls Internet Trolls Grandmother

August 8th, 2017

Note: the below contains some adult language.

It’s not uncommon for politicians to receive rather unpleasant messages from people who don’t agree with their views, but this comment posted by an internet troll definitely crossed the line. However, the harassed man accidentally brought up a comeback that was brilliant: he called his grandmother to talk about the troll’s hateful comment.

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Brian Sims Source: Brian Sims

Democrat Brian Sims is a member of the House of Representatives in Pennsylvania and is also openly homosexual. He is the first gay lawmaker in Pennsylvania and has received plenty of support from his fans for openly coming out.

Unfortunately, his decision to do so also lead to equal amounts of criticism and even hate mail.

Facebook user “David” posted a distasteful message on Brian’s Facebook page, using both the N- and the F-word.

But instead of just ignoring the internet troll, Brian struck back with a fantastic response.

It turns out that David had his phone number listed on his Facebook profile, but he wasn’t home to answer, his grandmother was.

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Brian Sims Source: Brian Sims

“David, I can’t tell if you’re just a really dumb little boy or an angry bigot but I know for sure that you shouldn’t have posted your grandmother’s telephone number on your Facebook page so many times. She and I just had a very disappointing chat about you. We’ll talk soon…”

The caption he posted along with the screenshot of the interaction on his Facebook profile reads:

“Dear Bigots, posting your grandmother’s telephone number all over the same page you use to post slurs on other people’s pages is not going to end well for you.”

Brian later had an interview with Occupy Democrats and this online incident was one of the talking points.

“She was very pleasant and clearly taken aback by the call. I explained who I was and what I was calling about,” he said about David’s grandmother.

She then informed him that she didn’t know where David was at the moment, but ensured him that she would get back to her after hearing what her grandson posted online.

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“She wasn’t kidding. I heard from him within 2 hours and while I can’t say we resolved anything, I can pretty much guarantee that Christmas at my home is going to be better than his this year.”

This troll certainly got some payback in a way that he could never have anticipated. Posting hateful comments online is never a good idea, especially if you leave your grandmother’s number on your Facebook page.

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Source: Upworthy, Brian Sims