40+ Times The Internet Has Made People Say WTF?!

January 28th, 2019

The world is a seriously strange place, but the internet has a way of putting it on blast so loudly that when we see certain photos and videos, we are left with nothing to say but WTF?!

With the barrage of smartphones that can capture ever-clearer images and short videos, there is rarely an embarrassing moment that isn’t caught on film and rapidly uploaded to the internet for all to see.

Sometimes it can make us laugh, cry, inspire, or even just provoke us to vehement anger. A lot of the time, though, the cascade of random videos and pictures often leave us scratching our heads and trying to make sense of things as we figure out just what in the hell is going on in other peoples brains!

Below are 40+ of the funniest, craziest, strangest, and gasp-worthiest times that the internet has made people say WTF?

1. “Nice Aim”

Kids throwing things at windows is nothing new, to be sure. The contents that they decide to throw, however, has really evolved over the years. Like the video of this teenager, for instance, who not only chucks a giant dildo at a window 4 to 5 stories above him, but he actually lands it and makes the suctioned end stick to the glass. You’ve gotta give it to him though; he does have a super nice aim!

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Reddit/edugabao Source: Reddit/edugabao

2. “What Can You Say About This?”

Indeed, what can one say?! How does a person manage not to go through the highway’s guardrail, but wrap their car entirely around it? As it turns out, taking a blind corner at ridiculously high speeds can easily impale your car with the guard rail…it’s unbelievable no one got hurt in this wreck!

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Reddit/willofthecloud Source: Reddit/willofthecloud

3. “Was At A Junkyard Looking For Parts. This Car Had A ‘BIOHAZARD’ Sticker On The Back”

It’s good to note that when a car has a “BIOHAZARD” sticker pasted to it in a junkyard, it generally means that human remains are floating around somewhere in the car. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there were any fatalities in the accident. Rather, they just left bits of themselves behind. We don’t know if this accident was fatal or not, but it’s safe to say that the person got a good knock to the head.

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Reddit/HannsGruber Source: Reddit/HannsGruber

4. “9-Year-Olds Criminally Liable In The Philippines”

Now, this is one of those WTF moments that will not only make you feel perplexed but probably pretty pissed off, too. A new law was proposed in the Philippines where Congress deems children as young as 9-years-old as criminally liable for their actions as a part of their war on drugs campaign that has already cost the country countless lives. If the law were to pass, the likelihood would be more child victim fatalities as opposed to fewer street drugs.

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Reddit/sijawaako Source: Reddit/sijawaako

5. “Wasphive My Dad Removed From An Attic Yesterday”

This Reddit-users dad gets five gold stars for having balls of steel! While there seems to be much debate about whether this is a wasp hive or a hornet’s nest, one thing is for sure; most people wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. Oddly enough though it has some serious selling potential on eBay, where the internet once again makes us shake our heads and think…WTF?

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Reddit/51l3nc3 Source: Reddit/51l3nc3

6. “Mouthguards Can Only Do So Much”

In full contact sports, it is always important to wear your gear. Things like helmets, jock-straps, and mouthguards are meant to be worn for the players’ protection. In the end though, no matter how much rubber and plastic you layer yourself with, it all comes down to where and how hard you get hit, but hey, the mouthguard did protect his teeth.

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Reddit/scottflawsvlogs Source: Reddit/scottflawsvlogs

7. “Dude Decided To Blow Shit”

There sure are a lot of crazy people in this world, and some of them aren’t the brightest, but this guy takes the crap-cake! It isn’t really clear if he lost a bet or he’s just severely lacking in brain cells. Either way, this video of him actually lighting an explosive stuck in a huge pile of poop and waiting for it blow is pretty damn hilarious!

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Reddit/irenmaks Source: Reddit/irenmaks

8. “This Sums Up Everett, WA”

Sometimes, when you gotta go, you just gotta go. Even then, most people will at least try to make it into a public restroom before they begin to relieve themselves. Apparently, this guy just didn’t have that kind of time.

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Reddit/TheAngrySeagull Source: Reddit/TheAngrySeagull

9. “A Concerning Sign To See In The Ladies Room”

It’s understandable why most businesses install video surveillance these days. With thieves, robbers, and errant employees, it just doesn’t make sense not to. One place there should never be a video camera installed, however, is in the women’s bathroom. We don’t know if the sign is just to let them know what awaits them outside of the bathroom, or if the women should actually be worried, but either way, it’s probably not the best placement.

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Reddit/SuthernBelleTN Source: Reddit/SuthernBelleTN

10. “Meanwhile In Canada”

Nature has been known to work some strange and awesome wonders. Whether its waterfalls and forests, or lightning strikes and hurricanes, she never ceases to amaze, and she’s no different when it comes to ice and snow. This semi truck looks even more monstrous and eerie covered in snow and ice sickles.

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Reddit/SupaComputah Source: Reddit/SupaComputah

11. “Oh Shit”

Life can be a real jerk sometimes. One minute you’re just riding your delivery bike without a care in the world, and the next minute it completely falls apart on you! This poor guy in the video was shocked when all of the sudden he was faceplanted in the ground.

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Reddit/Endurian_Darko Source: Reddit/Endurian_Darko

12. “Driver Jumps Straight Into A Roundabout”

Everyone knows that there’s a lot of crazy drivers out there. A good driver knows to watch out for the crazier motorists and keep a good distance. It’s a good thing this driver was taking it slow when he approached the round-about, or he would have T-boned the crap out of the insane driver that flew over the concrete wall right into the middle of it!

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Reddit/Endurian_Darko Source: Reddit/Endurian_Darko

13. “My Cat Sleeps With Her Eyes Open All The Time”

How would you like to walk in on this creepy scene? This lady’s cat plays dead better than most dogs. In the video, the cat doesn’t blink or even twitch her eyes at all. Maybe it just has fear of missing out.

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Reddit/plantywanty Source: Reddit/plantywanty

14. “What The Fu@# Is It And How Is It Happening?”

We’ve all had those moments where we’re deep cleaning the kitchen and have pulled out some questionable food items. Things get put away and blocked by other food and it’s “out of sight out of mind”. This gent, on the other hand, pulled a freaking science experiment out of his cupboard. Apparently, he accidentally started some kind of worm and fly farm!

15. “Found This Behind Our Dishwasher”

If you ever find that your appliances are having electrical issues, make sure to check your electrical outlets before doing anything else. This lady got quite the surprise after pulling out her dishwasher to find out what was wrong with her socket. Then she found this little guy was the source of the problem.

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Reddit/SwimmingNaked Source: Reddit/SwimmingNaked

16. “Found Some Old Teeth Molds For Sale At The Thrift Store”

A person can find many strange things at garage sales. After all, you’re sifting through other people’s junk. One thing most people would never expect to find, though, is a large basket full of old teeth or denture molds! Then again, stranger things have sold.

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Reddit/johnnc2 Source: Reddit/johnnc2

17. “This Man Who Has A Hole In His Head That Goes Down To His Mouth”

There are some people who have strange talents with their bodies, and there are others who could go on Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. This guy can stick not one but several fingers in his mouth and push them through his eye socket! The man had his eye removed after contracting rare cancer and undergoing surgery to remove part of his palette as well as his eye, but you’d never know it from his smile!

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Reddit/michaelsdino Source: Reddit/michaelsdino

18. “WTF”

Have you ever heard of a burger joint that sells toad meat, too? Well, neither had this hapless diner, but when he went to take a bite of his enormous burger, he was a little shocked at the “extras” that came with it! Apparently, Carl’s Junior aims to be the country’s next trend-setter in alternative meats.

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Reddit/ElmOrE27 Source: Reddit/ElmOrE27

19. “Russian’s Can Do Anything.”

Yes, this is a real picture of a Russian man slapping a steady flow of molten metal with his bare hand! Contrary to what you might think he isn’t invincible, even though in the video he slaps it several times without getting burnt. He is actually able to do this through something called the Leidenfrost effect.

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Reddit/LarboLarb Source: Reddit/LarboLarb

20. “Uuuuh Australia, What’s With This Statue In The Middle Of Your Capitol City?

Indeed, many a tourist or random passersby have often wondered the exact same thing. Thanks to the strange positioning of the sheep, it’s no wonder that so many people’s minds go straight to the gutter when they look at it. It’s actually a satirical tip of the hat to the land’s history and its first European shepherd, and the later use of the land for the Capitol City which is frequently referred to as a “spoiling of sheep paddocks”, though it is still often seen as a derogatory remark toward New Zealanders and what they do with their sheep.

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Reddit/TheMacMan Source: Reddit/TheMacMan

21. “Australian Woman Bitten By Snake In Toilet”

How would you like to wake up in the middle of the night to go pee only to feel the sharp prick of a bite when you sat down on the toilet? That’s what this Australian lady experienced while staying at a relative’s house in Brisbane one night. When a snake handler arrived, they pulled out a carpet python from the toilet bowl that was over 5 feet long! WTF!

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Reddit/readerseven Source: Reddit/readerseven

22. “Wanna Stick Your Hands In Here?”

Granted, it is super convenient to be able to simply stick your wet hands beneath an air blower to quickly dry them off. It should be noted that ambient air is enough to accomplish this, though, and there is no need to heat the air to flesh-boiling temperatures! We have no idea why the owner of the premises would even keep this in the bathroom but, apparently, he can afford the lawsuits.

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Reddit/UnkemptTorgue Source: Reddit/UnkemptTorgue

23. “No One Is Prepared For Hagfish Slime”

Few people in the world even know what a hagfish is, and for good reason. They look and act very similar to eels, with a few exceptions, namely the ever-expanding slime that a hagfish emits when it feels threatened, reaching up to 10,000 times its original size within less than a second. A delicacy in China, a truckload was traveling on Hwy 101 in Oregon to ship them for export when it suddenly crashed and covered the road, and a Prius, with the Hagfish slime in a matter of moments!

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The Atlantic/Reuters Source: The Atlantic/Reuters

24. “And I Thought This Was A Progressive Country.”

A woman pulling a man in a raft as she swims through water really doesn’t seem un-progressive in any way. Who knows, the man is elderly, and maybe she just wanted to go for a swim. Hell, a lot of pro-swimmers train this way. What is a little more disturbing, though, is the lead that looks like it’s tied around her neck…WTF?

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Reddit/georgke Source: Reddit/georgke

25. “Multitasking”

When you’re living in the wild and the opportunity arises to catch not just one, but two meals, you strike! This rat snake will be satisfied for quite a while after he stomachs these huge rodents, and we’re pretty sure the homeowner isn’t too sad about it, either.

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Reddit/MrIbot Source: Reddit/MrIbot

26. “My Vent Is Dripping Blood”

If you come home to a pool of blood on your floor, only to find that it’s dripping from above, that is definitely a good cause to say WTF? As blood leaks down from the vent, what the hell are you supposed to do? Run? Investigate? Was there some animalistic battle to the death? We will never know.

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Reddit/Yeslikethecar Source: Reddit/Yeslikethecar

27. “Imagine Walking In The Woods And Finding This.”

Walking through the forest alone can be both soul-satisfying, and undeniably creepy. This poor person was taking a quiet nature stroll only to be confronted by these wooden sculptures. The likeness to Bart and Homer Simpson is reminiscent of your childhood days, but the crazy evil look in their eyes is enough to send the devil running.

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Reddit/Trakais9 Source: Reddit/Trakais9

28. “This Dude Just Eating Fire”

In case you’re wondering, yes, this guy is totally eating a flaming hot dog! We’re all familiar with how men can’t wait for their food to cool down before they eat it, but this guy breaks the mold. The man in the video is clearly a pro, though, and didn’t burn himself, but we do NOT recommend trying this yourself.

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Reddit/Kryptoniteeee Source: Reddit/Kryptoniteeee

29. “Found These Guys In A House”

WTF are these things?! They look like radioactive worms that crawled out of the inner spaces of hell! What’s more disturbing is WTF is behind that wall that they want to get at so much….perhaps their portal?

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Reddit/XoXeLo Source: Reddit/XoXeLo

30. “My Friend Found A Razor Blade In Her Salad Last Night.”

Nothing goes tastier with a Greek salad than a fresh razor blade, right?! Sadly, this is more common than it should be. It’s all too easy for a restaurant slicing through tons of produce each day to lose a blade without knowing it. So the takeaway; Always look for silver-colored shit in your salad.

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Reddit/yougotyolks Source: Reddit/yougotyolks

31. “WTF Is Even Going On Here”

Is it a snake eating a giant centipede, or is it a giant centipede eating a snake? The Jury is still out on that. If you look closely, though, it sure looks like the snake is straight-up missing its head…either way, WTF?!

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Reddit/_indzzzzz Source: Reddit/_indzzzzz

32. “Skull From A Person With Proteus Syndrome.”

In case you didn’t know, Proteus syndrome is an affliction that causes massive asymmetrical overgrowth of bones, muscles, and tissue. Since it is “asymmetrical” it means it can grow in different masses on the right and left side of the body and affect it in different ways. Most people with the rare disease don’t live past 27-years-old, and this looks like it was from a kid.

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Reddit/ZayOnline Source: Reddit/ZayOnline

33. “Taiwanese Woman Caught Smuggling 24 Gerbils Under Her Skirt”

You read that right! A Taiwanese lady was trying to board an airplane when security realized she looked unnaturally disproportionate on the bottom. After pulling her aside to check her out, they were shocked to find 24 gerbils underneath her skirt! She claimed she picked them up for her sister, but that doesn’t really explain why she felt the need to tape them to her legs and hide them in a skirt.

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Secret Flying Source: Secret Flying

34. “My Wife Called And Said She Had A Flat Tire, But Her Air Compressor Wasn’t Re-Inflating It.”

No matter how smart you may or may not be if you are unfamiliar with certain things and how they operate, you can end up saying some pretty stupid shit. Of course, the wife mentioned could have just been very tired and not quite awake yet, but still. You’d think that she would have understood the nature of the problem after attaching the air compressor to the tire valve.

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Reddit/somethingIforgot Source: Reddit/somethingIforgot

35. “A Bear With Tape Worms.”

Now, a bear getting infected with tapeworms in the wild really isn’t all that surprising. After all, it’s not like wild bears make frequent check-up visits with the vet. Even so, watching one trail out of a bear’s ass for five feet or more while it is still attached, is unnerving, to say the least.

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Reddit/DeauxDeaux Source: Reddit/DeauxDeaux

36. “Do You Remember Your First Kiss?”

For most of us, our first kiss comes a little bit later in life than this young kiddo’s. Also, it’s usually with a human being that lives and breathes. You gotta give it to him for being an early bloomer, though, and he’s gotta learn somewhere!

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Reddit/lexpositive Source: Reddit/lexpositive

37. “I Was Drinking A Can Of Mt Dew Livewire When I Felt This Hit My Lips”

We’ve heard of the worm at the end of the tequila bottle, but what about in the bottom of a can of Mountain Dew? This poor, unsuspecting guy had the distinct pleasure of being surprised by a slimy worm trying to enter his mouth. Maybe if it had contained tequila it wouldn’t have been so bad?

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imgur/ImperialZippo Source: imgur/ImperialZippo

38. “This Snake Eating A Frog And The Lung Had Popped Out…”

Nature can be the most savage of entities. There are dangers lurking around every corner throughout the animal kingdom. Perhaps the most vicious, though, is the killer instinct of a snake and how ferociously they devour their prey. Like squeezing the air out of a sealed bag through a pinhole, this little frog definitely suffered.

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Reddit/kookygal_6 Source: Reddit/kookygal_6

39. “You Know A Deer Is Tough When It Walks Around With A Gunshot Wound You Can See Through.”

As messed up as it sounds, the gunshot wound has given this deer quite an advantage. Clearly, before the wound existed the deer wouldn’t have been able to see what was on the other side of him without swiveling its head. Now, he has perfect vision in what used to be his blind spot and the visual advantage gives him more time to run from the next round.

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Reddit/scottflawsvlogs Source: Reddit/scottflawsvlogs

40. “A Raccoon Without Any Hair”

You’ve heard of hairless cats and dogs, but have you ever heard of a hairless raccoon?! That can’t be comfortable in winter! This poor little trash panda needs somebody to knit him a sweater.

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Reddit/OxOBAD_ash Source: Reddit/OxOBAD_ash

42. “SuiSlide”

This is the park you take your kids to when they’re acting up. Oh, you’ve been a brat all day and want to go play now and have some fun? Go ahead and take a ride on this slide that drops you on your face from five feet up!

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Reddit/Oli4 Source: Reddit/Oli4

43. “Hydrocephalus”

No, this is not the skeleton of some martian creature. This is, sadly, a human skeleton from a child who had hydrocephalus, a condition that causes acute swelling of the brain and enlargement of the skull itself in some cases. We can see where the depiction of the Greys got its inspiration from though.

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