Inexpensive ways to repair your cracked phone screen at home

March 25th, 2020

We’ve all done it. We know it well. That terrifying moment when your phone slips out of your hands, you watch it fall to the floor in what feels like slow motion.

It lands face down, and you scramble to pick it up as if taking it off the floor any faster will reverse some damage. You hesitate before turning it over… only to reveal a tragically cracked screen.

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Maybe you cry, I don’t know. I’m not judging.

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The cost of getting an iPhone X or 11 Pro screen fixed from the Apple Store will cost a whopping $280 – $330.

Even if you’ve forked out for AppleCare+, you’ll still spend $29 for repairing “accidental damage” (isn’t all damage accidental?) to the iPhone X’s screen. So if you buy AppleCare+ you’ve spent that money up front and have to pay the additional fees.

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But there’s an alternative! Instead of shelling out the equivalent of a very fancy dinner, you can replace the screen of your phone on the cheap without going through Apple! And save those hard earned dollars for a date night.

Online shops offer kits and parts that allow you to fix your phone yourself. But be aware that the technology is now so advanced that you need to be more than a novice to successfully do it on your own.

You want to make sure you’re using a legitimate service, and not just finding someone on Craig’s List to fix it for you.

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Gone are the days of 5-step DIY videos. If you fixed your iPhone’s 3G screen back in 2009 and think you can do it again, you’ll be unpleasantly surprised.

And remember that DIY fixing the screen of your iPhone will void the warranty. Even if you think you’ve done a flawless job, they have their ways and they’ll know. So you want to be sure you get it right the first time and know what you’re doing.

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But if you’re tech savvy and have steady hands you can definitely make it happen at home by using some special tools.

The newer models of iPhone use an OLED screen, but are also compatible with LCD.

LCD fixing kits are less than half the price of the OLED models, so if you’re on a budget this is the best way to fix your phone!

There will be a slightly noticeable difference – the resolution will be lower, screen will be darker, and colors will be a little off. But we were using those LCD screens for years before becoming accustomed to the luxury iPhones we know and love today.

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So you won’t be back in the dark ages by any means if you opt for the cheaper screen.

If you’re not confident about replacing the phone screen yourself, you can go to a specialty shop and ask them to do the same LCD replacement for you. It will still be cheaper than having them replace the screen with an OLED. And is much easier than going it alone!

If you’re clumsy like me and want to prevent the tragedy of a broken phone, invest in a durable case.

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LifeProof makes cases that are relatively sleek considering everything they protect against – including being waterproof!

Best of luck out there, take care of your valuables!

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