Never Ride With Your Feet On The Dashboard - Here's Why

September 10th, 2018

Most people have put their feet up on the dash at one point or another. Some people prefer to ride that way all the time. It might be comfortable, but it’s also dangerous.

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Colin Bennett Source: Colin Bennett

The Chattanooga, Tennessee, Fire Department recently shared a social media post that explains the dangers of riding with your feet or legs on the dash.

The post reads:

“Something You Need to Know

“While traveling this weekend, I noticed many passengers had their feet on the dashboard of their car. Airbags deploy between 100 & 220 MPH. If you ride with your feet on the dash and you’re involved in an accident, the airbag may send your knees through your eye sockets. This post was viewed thousands of times last year, but it’s worth repeating. And yes, the driver and passenger should also be wearing seatbelts too! *From Twitter post from Shane O’Connor @oconnorshane. * Originally posted by Colin Bennett”

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Officer D Source: Officer D

The post was shared 4,000 times, and more than 200 people commented on it.

Many of these people chose to share their own stories of being in accidents while riding in this position. Some of them are terrifying and heartbreaking.

Heidi Finney commented:

“At 19 I went in a trip to visit my now husband…I had my right foot on the dashboard…it was a beautiful day…windows down, radio up…cruising with my friend in her new Mustang…she hit a stopped car doing 65mph…no one in the car was injured except for me…the airbag crushed my ankle, damaged my knee, broke my femur in 2 places and I had multiple face lacerations (from the airbag and my leg hitting me in the face)…this is very real…I’ve had multiple surgeries…I have 3 huge scars on my leg, knee, and ankle…I walk with a limp sometimes…don’t let your kids, friends or family ride in your car with their feet on the dash or out of the window.”

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Goodfullness Source: Goodfullness

Another woman, Audra Hunter Tatum, also shared her story.

She explained how she suffers from constant pain as a result of an accident and injuries caused by riding with her feet on the dash. She posted:

“Walker County GA

“Two years ago yesterday, a man in a stolen car pulled out in front of us. I was a passenger. We tboned him at 45mph. My foot was on the dash. The airbag went off… my foot broke my nose. Nose broke my ankle. Femur broke into 4 pieces. And arm broke trying to stop the impact. I have so many screws and Rods and I am miserable to this day!!!

“DON’T RIDE OR LET PEOPLE RIDE LIKE THIS!!!!!! I am disabled at 31 years old from this. No one else was hurt. Just me. I lost my career and all from that day.”

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Ga Followers Source: Ga Followers

Another person commented about seeing a wreck where one of the passengers had been riding with her feet on the dash.

Her legs were tossed back so hard that they broke her spine and killed her instantly.

Bruce Green shared:

“I ran an auto accident years ago where the victim’s legs blew up and back when the airbags deployed. The force was so great it fractured 6 of her 7 cervical vertebrae. She died before the vehicle stopped moving.”

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Geico Source: Geico

The post is making its way around the internet and around the world.

While nobody wants to think about being in an accident or the damage it can do, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The more people that become aware of the injuries that can occur if you ride this way, the less likely they will be to put their feet on the dash.

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Hive Miner Source: Hive Miner

For many people, this is a habit, and they consider it harmless.

Don’t take a chance with your life. Put your feet on the floor and buckle up. A small amount of comfort isn’t worth a lifetime of pain or your life. Just keep your feet down.

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Something You Need to Know

While traveling this weekend, I noticed many passengers had their feet on the dashboard of…

Posted by Chattanooga Fire Department on Thursday, August 3, 2017

Source: Little Things, Chattanooga Fire Department