Beachgoers Save Beached Great White Shark

July 14th, 2017

Great White sharks are some of the most feared creatures on the entire planet. The underwater giants have giant teeth, sinister looking eyes, and a reputation for being a man-eater. But even Great White sharks can be vulnerable if they find themselves out of their element.

Imagine a scenario where you’re walking down the beach on a leisurely stroll, watching the waves — suddenly, you spot something on the beach that you are instinctively afraid of. What would you do?

A man in Australia found himself in this exact situation when he was walking along the beach with his family and suddenly they noticed something that you certainly don’t see every day.

A baby Great White shark was stranded on the beach and struggling to survive.

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Normally, most people would want to turn and run away in fear of possibly getting bit by the writhing sea creature. But the man didn’t see a “scary shark” at that moment — he saw a living being trying to survive.

Knowing he had to help, the man jumped into action and immediately went to go help rescue the stranded and suffocating shark. He knew there probably wasn’t much time left before the shark could possibly die.

The man grabbed the baby shark by the tail and began to walk it back out to sea.

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The shark had been stranded fairly far up on shore, probably just before low tide, so the man had to pull the Great White a bit of distance before reaching the water. Being careful not to harm the shark, the man keeps pulling.

The shark is most certainly dazed and unsure what is happening. Even when they reach the water, the shark isn’t entirely sure which direction to swim. The man tried to guide the baby shark to safety.

Instead of swimming out to sea to safety, the shark couldn’t escape the shallow waters of low tide.

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The man continued to assist the shark by grabbing its tail and pulling the baby Great White even further out to sea. The further the man went, the more he had to be careful not to let the shark turn and bite him.

Finally — a wave came to help the shark get enough buoyancy to start swimming back out to sea again.

This man never dreamed he’d be saving the life of a Great Shark someday but it was all captured in one awesome video.

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Source: JukinVideo