A German teen is getting lots of attention – and deservedly so – for the amazing hairstyle creations she posts on Instagram.

17-year-old Milena has been interested in creating unique and elaborate hairstyles since she was just 6, but over the last decade, her creations have come to resemble something between braids and woven patterns reminiscent of detailed textiles.

When Bored Panda asked her how she got into such a craft, Milena said:

“I ran out of ideas and wanted to expand my knowledge, so I tried to combine different braiding techniques.”

She said most of her creations simply come to her while she’s braiding – and she’s not afraid to try new things.

If that’s not an indication of natural talent, we don’t know what is! Amazingly, Milena has no formal training.

Scroll ahead for 50 of our favorite Milena creations and be sure to visit her Instagram page at @hairstylists.dream when you’re done for hundreds more beautiful braids!