Hundreds of High Schoolers Give Chilling Hotel Performance

March 18th, 2019

Most teenagers in high school are just trying to ace their next algebra exam or do well on the SATs. Other teens though, well… They might be up to other things.

This group of high school students set out to give the performance of a lifetime, and let’s just say they most certainly succeeded.

It ended up being one of those spine-tingling performances that makes you feel like you swallowed a handful of butterflies.

Earlier this month, guests who were staying at the Hilton Fort Collins Hotel in Colorado were treated to something great.

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As a special annual tradition, high school students met at the venue and filled the hotel balconies as far as they can go — all the way up to the ceiling. What came next was pure magic.

The students made up the treble ensemble of the Colorado All-State Choir. The ensemble is made up of hundreds of students who live in the area and travel around for their annual festival, so their stop at this hotel was part of it.

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They kicked off this year with their favorite tradition of singing on balconies (yes, a very casual tradition indeed). And they kicked it off with a gospel performance of the classic song “Down in the River to Pray.”

As the students looked down to take direction from their conductor, their vocals rang out loud, reverberating throughout the entire space. The result? Pure beauty.

The audience also watched from below, creating an extra heavenly effect.

Of course, the Hilton Fort Collins Hotel offered wonderful acoustics with its extra high ceilings. The large space added a natural reverb to the voice, creating an atmospheric, whimsical effect. Everyone’s voices blended so well together in unison! It sounds so amazing on video (below), we only wonder how magical it must have been in person.

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A choir director at Arvada West High School named Chris Maunu, shared the footage on FaceBook which soon went viral with over 58k likes, 12k comments, and 170k shares.

He shared that 34 of his students participated in the special performance. He sure must be proud!

“Dang, our all-state anything at my school was like 7 people,” one person commented. “So, so beautiful,” another said. “Chills. Beautiful harmony. Needed,” one person said. Someone even commented saying, “a taste of heaven”!

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All of these at-home viewers are wowed for good reason. This enchanting performance is delightful!

We can completely understand why students would look forward to this time of the year. What do you think of this enthralling show?

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Amazing high school students sing “Down to the River to Pray” from hotel balconies!!! The singers are the treble ensemble of the Colorado All State Choir, which includes 34 of my finest Arvada West Choir students and awesome students from across the state!Hear more from Arvada West Choirs on our YouTube Channel…https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy_VoSVqms_AqGL_mmT8ShgHear more from Colorado All State at their Facebook page…Colorado All State Choir

Posted by Chris Maunu on Sunday, February 3, 2019

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