Divers Get World Record For Clearing 1500+ Pounds Of Trash

July 12th, 2019

A Florida beach just got a little cleaner courtesy of 633 divers breaking a world record for the biggest group of people to lend a hand and help out Mother Earth.

For 15 years, Deerfield Beach, which is just North of Miami, has hosted a massive clean up but, never as big as this one! With help from the Dixie Divers, who have been a part of the Deerfield Beach community for over 40 years, and the Deerfield Beach Woman’s Club, 2019 has reached far beyond their expectations.

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Dixie Divers/Facebook Source: Dixie Divers/Facebook

This annual event hosts divers from all over the world. People from Europe and even South America joined together to show their support for this very worthy cause. With their attendance and efforts, this year, each diver that found themselves at Deerfield Beach Florida can boast about the new world record they all had a chance to be a part of.

“The last record took 24 hours and we did it in two hours, so it’s amazing.” said Arlington Pavan, owner of the Dixie Divers.

What they did in 2 hours took almost a full day to complete the year prior so you can imagine how happy they were to learn that they are now the The Guinness World Record holders, collectively, for the largest group to conduct an underwater cleanup.

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And, although the tally isn’t complete, it is estimated that this year’s total amount of debris collected at this popular local fishing spot is well over 3000lbs. Now, that is a lot of garbage and, the main reason why something like this is so very necessary. Imagine what would happen to our bodies of water and even, our entire planet if we were all just a little more mindful of waste and consumption? Imagine if we lived on a planet where World Records for collecting garbage in our oceans wasn’t even a thing? However, the here and now states that we need to rise to the cleanup challenge, one beach at a time.

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Fox 31 News Source: Fox 31 News

Our oceans and aquatic life are being overrun and outnumbered by waste. So, as humans, we owe it to our future generations to pick up and salvage what is left of the world we live in. Now more than ever. People all over the world are offering their support and lending a hand in an effort to clean up. Something we are forever grateful for.

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Project Aware/Design Boom Source: Project Aware/Design Boom

So, not only are events like these directly helping out the environment, but they’re also a great way to spread hope and awareness for our beautiful green rock, planet Earth. When we rally together we remind ourselves to be a little gentler with the place we live and mindful of what we make of our future.

Check out the video below from the Dixie Divers Official YouTube channel!

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