Two Parents Go Out For Date Night, Get Drunk At Target

July 28th, 2017

For most parents with kids, any outing that doesn’t involve your children is a real treat. Not because parents don’t love their kids, but they do need a break once in a while and some grown up time.

Even having a few drinks and escaping to Target is considered a major date night.

Forget the fancy restaurants, forget about an evening of dancing, or out to the movies. Some parents are just happy to get out of the damn house.

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Tony and Alyssa Serafini are those parents.

According to Scary Mommy, the two are teachers and are constantly around children. So, when summer time rolled around they were overjoyed to have some time off. They decided to plan a date night.

They hired an overnight babysitter and made reservations at a restaurant for dinner and drinks.

After that, it depended on where the night wanted to take them. Actually, it ended up taking them where a drunken Alyssa wanted to go.

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And it wasn’t to a fancy club for dancing or to hear some jazz. Their night started out a local restaurant, Gibbet Hill Grill, where they finally got to use a gift card they had.

They decided to order one of the restaurant’s signature drinks.

“They have this drink called ’10 Years Rum Punch’ that comes in its own little bottle,” Tony told Scary Mommy. “My wife got two of them and then wouldn’t stop talking about back to school shopping at Target, but I didn’t want to do that because it’s still July.”

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Once images of Target shopping started dancing around in Alyssa’s head, there was no stopping it. She had to go to Target and her kind husband obliged to her rum-fueled whims.

“We ended up at Target, and walked around shopping and taking pictures, like teenagers,” he explained.

And when she was staggering down those big white isles under those bright fluorescent lights, she was in heaven.

And Tony, well, he went along with it like a champ.

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She got to fill up her cart with whatever her heart desired. She even got to play hide and go seek.

Her husband ended up documenting they date night/Target run and posted the photos on Twitter where it immediately went viral.

Obviously, because this is every parent’s dream date night out.

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The evening ended with a very happy Alyssa who had an armful of Target goods and was more than happy after and date night well spent.

Tony, however, felt like he had a little bit of explained to do.

Screw that… no regrets Alyssa, no regrets! These two have definitely set a standard for date night goals.

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Source: Scary Mommy