Céline Dion’s priceless expression to woman’s voice is captured in short video clip

March 25th, 2020

Some of us are lucky enough (or even unlucky) to have met our idols. It’s something many people wish to happen. But if that face-to-face moment ever came, what would you do?

Thousands of thoughts would likely swarm through your mind. We might not even be able to move or speak. Becoming star-struck is a very real thing, particularly by those who have had such an impact on our lives. We can easily begin to feel a connection to them.

22-year-old, New Jersey native, Frieda Soloman, was presented with the opportunity to meet one of her idols by happenchance. Not only did she get to experience the moment, but the internet was able to be a part of it as well.

It happened when Soloman and a friend were in New York City for work in midtown. The pair decided to leave together to grab lunch. On their way out, they saw a group of people and paparazzi huddling around the Four Season Hotel.

Interested in who the crowd was waiting for, they waited too. They were told Céline Dion was inside.

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Soloman shared her story in an interview with Paper Mag.

“…immediately my heart dropped because for me it’s my whole childhood right there, listening to that music and connecting. I knew we had to stay.”

That decision turned out to be one that she wouldn’t regret. Dion exited the hotel and came right towards them. She then got into her SUV and closed the door. Solomon was standing right outside of it and motioned for the singer to lower her window.

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Surprisingly, Dion did and Soloman leapt at the opportunity to not only speak with idol but to sing to her as well. She told her of the impact that Dion had on her personal life and singing career.

Then, she went for it, “…I told her that I’ve always wanted to do this and then all of a sudden I just start belting “I Surrender,” shivering and shaking as I did it.”

Unbeknownst to her, people were recording the interaction. Unfortunately, the clip that made its rounds was only six seconds of the performance. In the clip, Soloman’s voice cracks and Dion looks at her with an emotionless expression.

Dion is wearing dark sunglasses so her eyes can’t be seen. Still, the memes of the performance began rolling in and though some were quite funny, others (and their comments), were far from nice.

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However, another video shows more of the interaction and puts an entirely different perspective on the clip floating around. At the end of the longer clip, Dion reaches out and fists bump Soloman and thanks her for singing for her.

“She fist-bumped me and thanked me for singing to her, told me ‘that was beautiful’ and then blew kisses and left.”

Solomon did admit that the harsh comments bothered her and even made her question her abilities as a singer.

“There were comments, horrible comments, telling me to go and kill myself. Really horrible, really painful comments. I kept telling myself that I couldn’t let them get to me —”

Over time, however, strangers became coming to her defense, doing their best to guide viewers to the extended video. Coupled with self-confidence and the support of loved ones, she was able to see the good in the situation.

“There’s so many lessons here, really. One, you have to look at the full picture of something before you judge. Two, there is always going to be hate in the world but kindness always wins. And three, believe in yourself throughout everything.”

The best part? Solomon ran into Dion again just two days after their initial meeting.

“…she sees me and recognizes me; her eyes light up. I told her, ‘Thank you so much for letting me sing to you,’ and she said, ‘Of course, of course, my pleasure.’

Never let anybody stop you from doing what you love!

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