How To Clear Your Sinuses With Just Your Fingers

July 21st, 2017

Lymph drainage massage is easy to learn. The video by Heather Wibbels embedded below will walk you through the process step by step. It’s a self-massage that takes about 15 minutes to do and less than 10 minutes to learn, so you can make time for it with ease today and reap the benefits for years to come.

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Lymph drainage massage is commonly used to relieve sinus congestion and help the body fight off seasonal allergies or the common cold, but it actually does more than just that. This technique is actually highly beneficial to your overall health.

The massage loosens up your lymph system, allowing as much as 10 times more lymph fluid to flow through your body. The fluid works to filter nasty stuff like toxins, waste products, and excess proteins out of your system. Lymph fluid also helps your body fight infections and illnesses while calming your nerves and helping you to relax.

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Experts in lymph drainage massage recommend self-massaging at the first sign of a cold to help the body fight it off. The technique is also great to perform after a long workday or at the end of a yoga or exercise session to help your body relax and begin to recover.

You do not need to be sick for this massage to work its magic. In fact, experts recommend that you perform this massage on yourself at least once per week, whether you are under the weather or right as rain. However, it will not hurt you to do it daily, or even multiple times per day, especially if you think your immune system may be compromised.

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Massaging your lymph nodes will help you drain harmful toxins that build up in your system, causing lymphedema. Performing lymph drainage massage regularly will cure lymphedema and help your lymphatic system function properly.

The massage itself is incredibly light and gentle, but the effects are surprisingly deep. Gently stretch the skin in the direction shown in the video, loosening compacted areas where the lymph fluids are trapped. Using too much pressure will render your efforts useless, so be sure to use a light touch.

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Most of the lymph nodes in your body are on the surface and are therefore easily accessible. In just 15 minutes per day, you can work wonders for your lymphatic system using only the tips of your fingers. Performing this technique on a regular basis will help regulate the fluids and toxins in your body and keep you functioning at the highest level. Check out the video below, and give lymph drainage massage a try for yourself.

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