Cajun Navy Formed After Katrina Is Rescuing Texas
When Hurricane Katrina was wreaking havoc in Louisiana, the government called on citizens to help out. That was the start of the Cajun Navy, but look at it now.
Ryan Aliapoulios

Hurricane Harvey has already touched down in Texas and is continuing to do damage down there.

Reports say that Harvey has produced over nine trillion gallons of rain—it is also being called a “500-year storm” by various news outlets for its sheer magnitude. In the midst of all the chaos in Houston, many human interest stories have emerged, some of them hopeful and some of them tragic. Anyone who has been paying attention has likely heard of the “Cajun Navy” coming to help out.

But who exactly are the Cajun Navy?

As it turns out, the Cajun Navy dates all the way back to Hurricane Katrina.

Back in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina was wreaking havoc in Louisiana, the local government called on citizens to pitch in with rescue efforts around the city. According to ABC 13 in Houston, the original Cajun Navy was composed of 23 boats and around 30 people.

Through the help of social media, however, the Cajun Navy has grown in size.

The Cajun Navy now has its own Facebook page, full of helpful rescue information.

Though the group is loosely affiliated and organized, some members have done interviews with major media outlets. According to some of those interviewed, the group now has thousands of members! One member, Benji Terro, explained the gravity of the situation to a reporter with the Washington Post:

“We’re burning a lot of gas trying to get boots on the ground, but when we help people, well, that’s the point, the whole thing. This is familiar ground for us. We are from Louisiana, and we know floods.”

The group uses a special phone app to help with search and rescue operations.

That app is the Zello Walkie Talkie app. With it, people can call in rescue requests and dispatchers can coordinate with volunteers on the ground to make the rescues happen. Needless to say, the operation that the Cajun Navy is undertaking is complex and overwhelming—but every little bit helps!

Anyone who needs help can follow the instructions posted on the Louisiana Cajun Navy’s Facebook page:

In their own words, this group of brave individuals is doing everything they can to help rescue people and get them to safety:

“We love Texas and will do what we can to help y’all. Texas was here for us before and we love our Texas folks. God bless Texas.”

In all, the Cajun Navy’s heroic efforts are just another example of humanity’s best impulses.

Although Hurricane Harvey is a terrible disaster affecting thousands of people, it is also revealing our best tendencies to help one another in times of needs. To help support the Cajun Navy’s rescue efforts, consider donating on their website.

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By Ryan Aliapoulios
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