Parents Let Baby Create Artwork For Room And Are Shocked When They See The Result

June 29th, 2017

Meet 16-month-old baby Maya. She’s an artist in the making.

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Maya is the baby of proud parents, Ryan and Raniece Dalton. The family of three- soon-to-be four with their second child on the way- recently moved from the busy streets of Brooklyn to Alabama for a slower paced lifestyle, reported by BuzzFeed News. The couple recently was released from the financial shackles of renting. They became homeowners of their first forever house located in sweet home Alabama. “It’s an opportunity I have been waiting for, to have a place we can really make our own,” Ryan shared with BuzzFeed News.

Their adorable daughter Maya, whom BuzzFeed News described as “Tiny Picasso,” created beautiful abstract-like art which will be used to decorate the walls of their newly purchased home.

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“I wanted her to take part in decorating her space… It was all really interesting to watch her experiment and explore and just have fun,” explained Ryan.

Once Maya’s father placed paint in the bowls and showed Maya how to use the brush, there was no stopping the creative abilities of their “Tiny Picasso.”

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Despite the lack of art exposure and experience, Maya had no issues with exploring the bright sun-like colors onto the blank canvas with her brush. Her favorite part seemed to be mixing the colors, Ryan shared with BuzzFeed News. While some people may interpret Maya’s work as “messy,” Maya’s parents think otherwise.

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Ryan thinks that “the painting turned out abstract because Maya is so young, and isn’t bound to any rules.”

Without meaning to, Maya’s paintings looks like it could be sold or displayed at a plethora of upscale art museums.

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Maya’s finishing product on the black background makes her choice of paint colors and brush strokes pop. Can you spot the orange hummingbird hovering over the purple and pink infused flower?

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Ryan told BuzzFeed News that he and his wife strive to parent Maya in a more free-spirited demeanor, which allows her to explore and discover the world in her own way. The couple’s loving parenting style is evident in Maya’s eccentric artwork and happy attitude. When Maya’s soon-to-be sibling arrives into the world, she will have a partner-in-crime to create art with.

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We can’t get enough of the adorable curly brown-haired Maya and her artistic talents. As she grows older, this talented baby is bound to make big, bold and colorful streaks in the world.

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