Andrea Bocelli And Christina Aguilera Belt Out A Rare Duet

October 15th, 2018

When you think of the most iconic and beautiful duets in modern music history, the combination of Andrea Bocelli and Christina Aguilera don’t really come to mind.

But here they are, in an old performance unearthed by a YouTube user, making heavenly music as they perform together at the 2006 Sanremo Music Festival in Tuscany, Italy.

Singing a Spanish standard, “Somos Novios” which translates to “It’s Impossible” in English, the pair’s rendition outshone the numerous covers of the song by other talented artists such as Elvis Presley and Perry Como.

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The surprisingly perfect duet

Both skilled and trained singers, Andrea and Christina’s contrasting but melodious voices melded perfectly with each other delighting both live audiences and those watching the video many, many years after on YouTube.

Who knew an operatic singer and a pop icon would make such good music together?

This version of the song even made it to Andrea’s 11th album called “Amore” which also includes his first rendition of another Spanish standard, “Besame Mucho” that would become one of his signature songs.

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Bringing people together

But what’s more fascinating is how this duet brought various people together.

Although uploaded in 2007, the video is still getting more views year after year. It currently has over 25 million views and more than six thousand comments on YouTube.

Sifting through them, we can’t help but notice the diversity of people who were enchanted by Andrea and Christina’s voices.

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People expressed their delight of the song in Spanish, English, Italian, and even Russian. Music really does bring cultures together despite differences.

One commenter observed,

“A strange mix the two of them. He’s soft and gentle, she is strong and powerful.”

Another agreed and said,

“This duet shows the gentle character of Andrea and the strength of character possessed by Christina. Their opposing styles made this duet a beautiful one.”

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However, some were critical of Christina’s powerful vocals which they overpowered Andrea’s voice too much.

“I love Christina, but it seems like she was trying to ‘over-power’ her voice vs. Mr. Andrea’s.”

But others defended Christina saying that she was just singing in her usual style.

“I think some of the commenters here are missing the point: This duet is a collaboration of styles. She is not attempting to be Bocelli no more than he is trying to sing in Aguilera’s style.”

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Other notable Bocelli duets

Now that we’re on the topic of Andrea Bocelli duets, we can’t help but be reminded of his other amazing collaborations with other singers.

Remember when he sang “E Piu Ti Penso” with the queen herself, Ariana Grande? It’s been three years and we’re not over the glorious duet yet.

Here’s a video to refresh your memory:

But when asked, Andrea mentioned his duet with another renowned operatic tenor Luciano Pavarotti.

“Being able to sing with Luciano Pavarotti, at the beginning of my career, has been an enormous privilege.”

– Andrea in an interview with Gulf News.

He also mentions his unforgettable experiences performing with Tony Bennett and Celine Dion.

“I had the honor to sing with a living legend, with the great crooner Tony Bennett. On that occasion I also had the honor of sharing the stage with a great friend, Céline Dion — an excellent professional and a wonderful person, she is very simple and loves her work.”

How about you? Which Andrea Bocelli duet is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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