9 Body Health Benefits With Aluminum Foil

July 9th, 2019

We always rely on aluminum foil for wrapping left-over food to keep food fresh and to prevent contamination. But, did you know that this amazing kitchen supply can also be used in ways other than preparing or storing food? Well, it can!

Aluminum foil is actually useful in relieving pain and it is used for this purpose mostly in Chinese and Russian medicinal traditions. It is believed to regulate the pathways in our body referred to as “meridians”. These paths are the means in which energy coursing through our bodies go through.

If we normalize these pathways, our bodies get to heal faster and we become free of pain. It might seem unbelievable, but as they say, you have to see it firsthand to believe it. In this case, you have to feel it firsthand to confirm if it is really effective!

Here are nine incredible uses with aluminum foil for the body you probably never heard of.

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1. ) Aluminum foil treats muscle and joint pain.

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By wrapping the painful area using aluminum foil, the aching part becomes less and less painful. Make sure you wrap the foil securely to the affected area and keep it in place for at least 12 hours. You can repeat this treatment for 10 to 12 days. You should take a break for seven days and do the treatment again until the painful area is relieved of the ache.

2.) Aluminum foil helps in soothing burns.

We deal with fire and heat on a daily basis because we like to have our food smoking hot. However, during our cooking adventures, we sometimes get burned and we all know that this is really painful. Luckily, we have reliable aluminum foil in the kitchen to come to our rescue. Before wrapping the burned area with foil, make sure that the wound is sterilized and covered in gauze. Just leave the area wrapped until the pain fades away.

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3.) Aluminum foil helps in managing fatigue and insomnia.

Everyday, we face stressful situations where we sometimes can’t take it and feel fatigued. With the use of aluminum foil, you can now manage the signs of stress and fatigue simply by folding it and creating two small strips. Put the strips in the freezer for a couple of hours and then, place them under your tired eyes before going to sleep or taking a nap. You will feel refreshed upon waking up!

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4.) Aluminum foil helps treat symptoms of colds and the flu.

Although we do everything we can to avoid getting sick, the cold virus is simply hard to avoid especially during certain seasons where everybody seems to be getting it. In the unfortunate event that you contact a cold virus or end up getting the flu, all you have to do is get a bandage and the ever-reliable aluminum foil. Wrap your feet in six to seven layers of alternately placed foil and bandage and keep them on for at least an hour. Do this after every 2 hours, for up to three times.

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5.) Aluminum foil helps in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Are you suffering from painful movements of the fingers and joints because of rheumatoid arthritis? You can now find a home remedy that is effective in relieving pain! Get your supply of aluminum foil from the kitchen and tear a sheet enough to wrap around your aching fingers or joints. Do this from time to time to alleviate the numbness and pain brought about by this condition.

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6.) Aluminum foil aids in managing sciatica problems.

Sciatica is not a simple ordeal to take on. The pain can be really discomforting, flowing from your back down to each leg. For sciatica pain, the best way to respond is by getting checked out by a specialist right away, although using aluminum foil to wrap the aching portion of your body is a good way to ease the discomfort and pain whilst waiting for a professional, it is a temporary relief and not a long term one.

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7.) Aluminum foil helps in minimizing inflammation.

Inflammation can arise from different reasons so it is definitely best to go to a doctor to know the real cause of it. In the meantime, you can use aluminum foil to help in reducing inflammation. However, if the cause of inflammation is not known to you, it is best to get professional help in order to address the condition correctly.

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8.) Aluminum foil helps in treating gout and pain on your heels.

Wearing uncomfortable shoes can have really painful repercussions such as heel ache and gout. If you happen to experience these, you may want to reconsider the shoes you choose to wear. But, as you search for a new pair of shoes, the pain brought on by your old pair will not easily go away. To help reduce the pain, all you have to do is get a sheet of aluminum foil from your kitchen and wrap your heels and feet with it. Since the foil is capable of soothing the energy channels in your body, the stress placed on your feet and heels will be gone and will therefore provide pain relief.

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9.) Aluminum foil speeds up the healing of scars after surgery.

Post-surgery scars don’t easily fade away. However, applying aluminum foil to a scarred area can cause softening of the skin which eventually leads to faster healing and a lighter scar over time.

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Who knew aluminum foil could be so useful outside of the kitchen. Try some of these out for yourself and take note of the changes your body may experience.

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