These 8 Home Hacks Will Make Your Life Easy

December 4th, 2018

Bad news: It turns out you have been living life wrong. Good news: The images in this article will show you how to make your life much more convenient.

And anyone who takes advantage of these hacks won’t be breaking the bank.

In fact, when you see how simple it is to make your life easier, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of these things.

But focus on the future. You’re just seconds away from making things that much better around the home.

And bonus points to anyone who actually has been implementing any of these hacks already!

Do you get annoyed when you want to make ice, but your damn shaky hands spill water everywhere?

Do this:

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Reddit/ williamd83 Source: Reddit/ williamd83

Companies invented fridges that automatically dispense ice to get around this problem. It turns out that there was a much simpler solution all this time.

You just fill up a bottle with water and pour it into the ice tray when it’s in the freezer. No hassle, no spillages, no problem.

But then again, there’s still the risk of overpouring and getting water all over the freezer, right? Well, here’s where the next hack comes in handy…

Do you overpour all your sauces and cooking oils? The solution Is Staring At You

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Reddit/Solodolo Source: Reddit/Solodolo

When was the last time that you poured too much soy sauce on your food in an Asian restaurant? The answer is never because you used one of those incredible slow pouring devices that they keep soy sauce in.

You can get one of these in the supermarket, enjoy the soy sauce to your heart’s content and then reuse the bottle when you’re done.

Thanks to the constant restricted flow of these inventions, you’ll never pour too much olive oil into a pan again. That’ll save resources, money, and calories!

Do you want to know if an egg has gone bad? Buoy, there’s an easy way to do that!

When eggs go bad, they become buoyant, meaning that they float. That means that you don’t have to crack one open and endure the stench of bad eggs to tell whether or not you can eat it.

Simply fill up a glass of water and drop the egg in. If it sinks to the bottom, then eat it up. If it floats, then throw it out!

Do your salad leaves turn to mush before you can eat them? It’s crazy easy to change that.

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Reddit/williamd83 Source: Reddit/williamd83

You just need to stick something super absorbent into the box. What causes salad to mush is all of the moisture that it picks up. So if it’s sharing its environment with something that can soak up all that moisture, such as a paper towel, then it’ll last a lot longer.

Sadly, this also means that you’ve got one fewer excuse for putting off that diet.

Do you hate the water that wells up in your toothpaste pot? Take this tip from the world of picture hanging.

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Reddit/k17060 Source: Reddit/k17060

Also often seen used on bikes, surfboards and other long items that need two hooks to hang is this hack. You’ll never have to wrestle with the idea of two sets of toothbrush bristles touching (ewww) again.

Another advantage of this is that it also frees up space on the bathroom counter. And you can pretend to be a dental samurai, with the toothbrush as your ceremonial sword. That’ll be a more fun way of explaining it to your houseguests, at the very least.

Do you drip paint onto important items of clothing?

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Reddit/Jb924799 Source: Reddit/Jb924799

Then the solution doesn’t lie in scrubbing it for hours or subjugating your precious clothes to a risky chemical. If you just use heated water and some washing up liquid, you can get the paint into a condition where it easily scrapes away from the affected clothes.

Something like cashmere might be a lost cause, but for cotton, this can make clothing as good as new. Just try not to scrape too hard!

Do you hate it when you buy a bag of chips, and there’s barely anything in it!?

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Reddit/qwanzaden Source: Reddit/qwanzaden

Well if the bag has a see-through section, then simply twist it on its side. It should quickly become apparent how much of the bag is made up of air and how much is chips! For chip packets without a seethrough strip, you’ll just have to use the old shake, squeeze and guess method though.

Is your fire alarm too sensitive? Then make a handy doily

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Reddit/StealMyMemes Source: Reddit/StealMyMemes

With just some cloth, elastic and piece of string, you will never have to endure the worst thing about cooking again. Before you turn the oven or stove on, simply slip your doily over the alarm.

And the real fun thing is making a design that’s really you! Is anyone else thinking of turning this into a business?

I bet you never realized that you could make your life so much better by doing small things!

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