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When you’re talking about a multi-purpose item, Saran Wrap takes the cake and covers it! First developed for commercial use in the food industry, the product has had lasting popularity since the 1940’s. Did you know, though, that it was created by accident?

In 1933, a DOW Chemical lab employee named Ralph Wiley was scrubbing vials when he came across one that he just couldn’t manage to get clean. The infamous chemical company’s researchers then decided to refashion the chemical into a green film, simply named “Saran”. Taking its anti-oxygen, anti-water, and anti-acid properties into consideration, the product was first marketed to the military and vehicle manufacturers in a spray form to use on planes and cars as a protective agent.

It wasn’t until 1949 that DOW realized the film’s potential as a food storage item and began selling it commercially to restaurants. After gaining widespread approval in the food industry, Saran Wrap finally hit the supermarket shelves for home use in 1953, where it remains a steadfast favorite to this day. Within the first twenty years of its inception, Saran Wrap had already been marketed for several purposes, and its usefulness in random day-to-day life has been growing ever since. Here are 35 of the most helpful but unusual uses for the famous film.